Friday, April 27, 2007


Ahh, it's so relaxing here in Thestra. So many things to do, things to see! And TONS of stuff to take pictures of. Things have been going well in Qalia (which I now pronounce KALiya). I have been making some progress on the big quest line I started here, finding groups has been difficult but not impossible. And in other exciting development is I have started the shadowhound quest. The quest is very long, you can start it at 23 and it ends at level 30. I did the quest as much as I could up to level 25 but was too low level to continue. That's not a bad thing though because at the end of the quest you still need to spend 10g for the hound so while I wait to be a higher level it gives me a chance to go harvest and make some gold.

I don't know who owns this place but they must be rich.Outside Aghram in Qalia there are a few drakes. They aren't strong but they where the first flying lizards I have seen.
Sunrise over Aghram.
Here you can see two of my guild mates! We are inside a building near Infineum mines SW of Aghram.
I had to go back to Thestra to continue the shadowhound quest. I spotted this lady and I couldn't resist taking a picture... she is really really beautiful. (And has great armor too, but that didn't really come out the lighting was difficult)
Hah, while I was at the broker I saw a shadowhound! (My future mount)

But wait... what is that behind the hound? A unicorn! I just love that wicked looking horn.

I like the small detail things... this is the clasp on my new cloak.
Running back to Qalia to continue the shadowhound quest I came to this wall outside the Dark Elf city. There is a lot of unique architecture here in Telon.

Recently they added new teleports to the game. This is one outside New Targonor in Thestra.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Shipping off to Qalia

I have to say all the comments on the last blog have made me really really happy. Blogs are one of those things where you don't really know if anyone is reading. So thank you for commenting. I have seen some blogs where the writers just pour their heart out into huge essays and then give up because they just weren't getting the feedback, a sad sight. Rest assured this blog will not blogfade like so many others.

On a suggestion from a friend I went to go take a look at the dwarf city. It was night time so I didn't get to see it at its best, I bet it is beautiful in the sunlight.
I wanted to finish up some quests here in New Targonor before I headed off the Qalia to start on a popular quest everyone seems to be on. I investigated a fisherman's murder.
I took a picture of this statue. I think this might be the first good dark picture just because the guy is holding a lantern.
Once I finished my quests I head off to New Targonor.
It's time to say goodbye, I don't know how long I will be away from Thestra. Or when I will return to Kojan for that matter (that is something I would love to do).

Qalia is very different from the other two continents. I am not sure if I really like it. Here is the first thing I saw when I go off the boat from New Targonor.
And after I got myself some supplies I didn't waste any time getting out there into the thick of things. I met up with a new group of friends, found the quest I was told about, and got to work!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Ahh, much better!

I am so happy! I did something great, I went through one of those system optimization guides and my PC is running much better then before. I KNEW my computer had more in it then what I was getting. Now Vanguard looks twice as good and runs twice as good! You just can't beat that!

I was hunting animal skins but not having much luck. After I killed this guy I was happy to not that I could harvest him.. but he gave me cotton! Haha.

I went on a very fun quest today in Thestra. I won't go to in depth but I will tell you that it involved finding a high elf a dwarf and a halfling and hitting them over the head and stuffing them into a sack. I sure did get tired of dumping the bodies. Great to see some fresh and fun quests Sigil!

Late at night I was just awestruck by these ants near the falling star.

This was the first thing I saw after my system optimization. This is a dwarven dam somewhere in middle Thestra. Those dwarves are excellent engineers.

And finally my best picture of the day... that is the falling star in Thestra. Incredible.