Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pretty pictures from EVE Online

Isn't that what this blog is all about? Pretty pictures? Well, I will tell you, yes that is what this blog is all about! I think of it as not just a diary of "What I did today." (yet, it is that too) But also a visual journey into, what I did today. I like to think of it (my blog) as more of a travel journal just a regular journal. A good travel blog will have little stories and tons of great pictures!

Well anyways, lets get on with the show! (lol, show)

I swear, 'roids really are bigger in zero-zero space!

If you ever where curious what a warp bubble looked like, here is your chance. A warp bubble is just what it sounds, a big-ass bubble in space designed to capture people and keep them from warping away.
This little guy is what generates the whole thing.
Here is a picture of my friends ship, but that's not what I want you to look at in this picture. Notice the very bright star to the left of his ship? This mysterious object can be seen from all parts of space! It is definitly not a star, but as to what it is, noone really knows! There is definitly something suspicious about this "star".

Ahh, a nice cool blue. Very relaxing.
And for a 360 degrees change from that cool blue, check out this awesome screenshot! Oh, this one is just gorgeous.
You have probably seen this station before, but I like how it compliments the moon behind it. Or is that a planet?
I recently traveled to Jita (trade hub of the north) for the first time, and saw my first Caldari stations. Kinda freaky looking, but I like it.
Here is the inside of that station.
And my new Itty 3 (complete with Cargo Extender II's) exiting it.
I started to do a few missions to try and get enough faction to refine my minerals 100%. However, it is just going to take way too long to get the faction I want. So I'm just gunna train up really good refining skills and say forget it, 99.5% refine is better than a whole month of mission running. Hehe, the missions I did where not exciting at all either, just some courier stuff.
On one mission however, I saw a rorqual outside a station. I have always wanted to see one of these things in-person. The rorqual is basically a big-ass mining ship that is designed to compress ore into small amounts to make it much easier to transport. (This is different from refining)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

0.0 Action Continues, Fleet Battle!! (yes that is two exclamation points!)

This most recent blog is definitly one of my favourite yet. I really liked my last one, and I really like this one too. EvE 0.0 sure is a lot more dangerous and a lot more exciting than I had previously imagined!

This last weekend, I was able to engage in my first fleet battle! My computer like slowed down to a couple frames per second, I tried to scramble someone but I just got blown up. (I seem to be getting blown up a lot these days). I normally never post a screenshot with any sort of interface in it, but this one shows the craziness and confusion that is fleet combat very well. No, it is nothing like I imagined. I used to think it was like some ordered thing, you would have a wing of one ship come in and do some long rang sniping, tacklers would go in close range, everyojne sort of had this barrier between each side (red vs blue). However, turns out, it is much more of a blob-like formation than an hourglass-formation (with each side of the hourglass meeting in the middle). Nope.. it's just a big blog. I dunno how you even maintain proper distances and ranges from your enemy or target.
Well, these next two screenshots are very similar, but this one has a ship getting blown up so I'm just gunna add it in, what the heck!
And this one has me... dead... well in a pod, but that got blown up pretty soon too! I think this is why we won and they lost (oh did I forget to mention that?) they where busy targeting noobs like me and taking the time to blow up my pod while the whole time our battleships where blowing the crap outta them!
This is my friend Korvix's ship.
And here we are guarding the dead bodies of our fallen comrades, taking what we can salvage before we get out of there!
And our reward...?
Aww c'mon... I know it is a rock but hey, I like mining!
Yup, I like mining.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I made it into 0.0 and got blown up.

Well, I made it into 0.0 space! And... I got blown up within the first 5 minutes of being in 0.0. I went to an asteroid field to just check it out and see what kind of minerals are there. There where some rats in the belt, but for some reason I didn't think they saw me yet. A friend of mine said he would tank the rats for me. So... instead of leaving the belt, I just stayed there! Big mistake. Oh well, we all learn.

Then on my second trip to zero zero space I was blown up by some pirates. It was my own fault, I should have had someone scout out the system for me. I learn something new every day!

Here is a picture of my hauler.

I like the red/green look of this solar system.
This is my friends ship, I think its a hauler but it might be used for something else, I'm not sure. I like the red windows.
This is a jump gate! I don't think I really even need to describe it, the name says it all. It's used to skip dangerous space and get to our space easier.
Looks cool when I jump too.
Here I am getting blown up, lol, by pirates.
I just love these new stations. Trinity is awesome!
Floating around in my pod... they blew that up too.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Short Return to Ultima Online

Well, I was bored one day and I felt like playing a fantasy MMO. I am ashamed to say this, but I even wanted to give World of Warcraft a shot! I had a dream that I was an undead warlock and that I had joined a role-playing guild.

Well, thankfully, my friends intervened and stopped me from playing WoW. (They said, "No! Don't tarnish your record! I tend to agree, WoW would be a stain on my MMO career.)

Ah well, don't take what I say too seriously, WoW is just easy to hate if you come from my perspective of hardcore MMOness.

Well, UO is about as far from WoW as EvE is! UO is actually very much a sandbox like EvE. You make youw own adventures, and explore the world outside of the rail-road theme-park experience. In UO anyone can kill anywhere. You are never safe! And your always stronger in groups. In UO when you die, everything that was on your character is now on your corpse!

Here you can see me about to loot a monsters corpse, little did I know, that they have changed the rules in this server to prevent ninja-looting and so when I took some bone armor from this dead skeleton I turned into a criminal!
So of course, I died.
Oh well, thats about it for my brief venture back into UO! It's a tough game, and I really just don't have the guts for it anymore. But, UO will always have a place in my heart as my first MMO and one of the most unique and best MMOs ever made. There still has never been a true UO-like MMO (With the possible exception of the Asheron's Call Darktide server).

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Episode 0

I made a podcast! Yes, that's right, my friends and I have started a podcast. The title of our podcast is "3 Geeks and a Jew". If your interested in listening to episode 0 you can find our feed in the link below:

3 Geeks and a Jew RSS Feed

Or you can listen directly at this link here:
3 Geeks and a Jew - Episode 0

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I might be heading to 0.0 space!

Well, as predicted, mining just doesn't bring in the cool blog screenshots. But I have a couple.

I should be heading to 0.0 space soon with my new corp! This will be very exciting, and I'm scared, but looking forward to it. I have always wanted to go to 0.0, this is my chance. I hope I can survive.

This ship uhm... sucks.. but I don't think I have posted a screenshot of it before.
My lasers can mine really far. ^^
This is my Itty 3, I use it to haul stuff.