Thursday, July 31, 2008

Requiem: Bloodymare Final Post

Well, the Requiem: Bloodymare beta is finally at an end. I have had a good time trying out the game and seeing the sights that are to be had. It's a game that has fun combat and great style. But, it isn't very different from any other MMORPG out there. I think, in the end, I will not play because of the really heavy grind the game has. (Most free MMOs seem to have a really massive grind)

So, I made a new character, one of these buff warrior types. This is because I heard they can really kick some butt. She sure looks tough!

Born to kill! (And bioengineered too)

There is that city behind me again.

Eat some steel!

Kersplat! Yeah this game is pretty gory.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Requiem: Bloodymare Part 2

I don't have much more to say about Requiem that I didn't say in the last blog, so I'll just get to it.

I suppose this is to be expected, but dayum. I don't actually find this NPC to be really that attractive, but I do think she is worth a shot! She looks kind of like a prostitute to me...

Colorful lights, yayyy!

Uh, is that a mutated zebra?

Gene-splicer thingie again.

I'm pretty sure this is a teleport device, but I couldn't tell you how to use it.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Requiem: Bloodymare

Yes, it has a terrible name. I know. I think we all know. Still, I was pleasently surprised by this new free-to-play (maybe) MMO coming out from.. Asia? I want to say Korea, caus' that is where it seems like all the F2P games are coming from, but I don't know for sure... hey this ain't a reporting-type of blog!

Anyways, I really wasn't expecting to like Requiem very much but I really fell in love with it! I like the art style, and while the gore turned me off at first I quickly got used to it. The controls are smooth and easy, and the animations are good. I like the atmosphere too.

I have now heard (since it is out of beta, I played this in beta) that the game will be largely un-playable without using pay services, so I am not sure if I am going to play this one. I just don't know if I like micro-payment kind of things. Still, I had fun exploring the world of Requiem and I got some good screenshots, so let's get to it!

You start out looking at this, teleport-thing. For a free MMO Requiem has some pretty good graphics!

This is the entrance to the first city you come across. It's not a bad looking city by any means, but there is one strange thing, everything is outside! There are no in-doors places in Requiem as far as I can tell. Some inability on the developers part to produce the code for in-doors stuff? I suspect that is the case!

This is my character, Cow Nose something, (hehe, well what else could it be? I think she is named CowNoseKitty, I forget) It was when I saw this character that I really fell in love with the Requiem: Bloodymare design. For one, she is hot as hell. That is a plus. But there are a number of other things which set her apart from other MMORPGs. She has an asymmetrical design! One hand is way bigger then the other. There are a number of other things in Requiem that are asymmetrical, and I really like that. Also, her legs are made of metal! And they look really vicious, but practical, like they are really designed to make her the perfect killer.

Inside the city there is this very interesting building. I'm not sure exactly what it is for, but I suspect it has something to do with altering your genes.

And of course, I have to show you the bloody Reqiuem combat! Aren't the monsters disgusting in this game?

Smack! Crunch! Splurt!

See, the art in this game is dark gloomy and interesting! I like the style, I really do.

No game is complete without a giant mushroom!

And finally, me showing off some new armor. More next week, thank you for reading!

Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm done with WoW. (Hey it had to happen)

Well, my time is up with World of Warcraft. I have had some adventures, seen a lot of sights, but all good things DO come to an end. WoW is a very fun game, it controls well, it has depth, and it is attractive. I really was biased towards the game, and it pleasantly surprised me.

So what made me quit? Well, I was doing alright, having fun. I got into the low 30's and so started looking for a new place to adventure out side of the marshlands (this is with my mage, who is very fun to play by the way) and I came to the Arathi basin. Well, the Arathi Basin was an allright zone... but it had those same spiders which I loved so much, but BIGGER. And the same dino's from the marshlands, but bigger! (Well, I don't think they where actually bigger, but just higher level). And I don't know, in that moment I just got burnt out on the game and decided it wasn't for me.

As a sort of last hurrah I decided to go into the Horde lands and see what sites there where to see. I don't remember many names of what things where called, but I got some GREAT shots! So... lets just get to it!

Ah, isn't this a beautiful shot? Just lovely... well don't go away there is more after this!

Same shot, different angle. Just as beautiful.

I'm sure most WoW players will recognize this place, I don't know what it is but it is very cool looking. I'm sure there is a good story behind it. This is close to the 2nd newbie area for night elfs.

Treckin' through the badlands yeaaah!

Mm yeah, I like this horde stuff. But, it's kind of more exciting from an alliance perspective. Feels like the land itself is against me!

Great action shot!

No words can describe this shot!

The land itself is against her!

New Mexico (my homeland) looks like this. Oh, by the way, you can check out New Mexico and other real life pictures in my blog American Roast! Just look for it linked on the left.

OK I don't know what is inside there, but gross!


For being a game with a low amount of pixels and that sort of thing, WoW can really pull off a great forest.



Well, that's that! Goodbye World of Warcraft! It's been fun, I can honestly say I enjoyed my stay. I really can see, what everyone else is talking about. Ta-ta for now!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gnome Powah!

I just had to. They are so cute, and their dances are so cool. And you know me, I love making new characters and exploring new places from a newbies point of view. It's just what I do! I made my gnome a warlock, because there is some high level warlock armor that I think would look really good on my gnome dude.

Yup, that's a gnome with a plan! Notice I didn't make a girl gnome... god they are ugly.

OK, this isn't a picture of my gnome, actually it is a shot of Rulero my bank alt. I just found this team of bots sitting outside the bank somewhat interesting.

Ahhh, and the best thing Gnome's have going for them is their racial mount! How cool is riding on a mech??

The advanced models look great.

Inside a gnome house.

Is it just me or does it look like this house could get up and start walking around?

This poor gnome is really gunna get a shock... notice the big machine with a lightning bolt on it.

Friday, July 4, 2008

WoW continues (back from vacation!)

Well, I'm not really back from vacation. I am now here in Alabama visiting with my grandparents, and I'm stealing internet from one of their neighbors. (Hey back at home I keep my own internet unencrypted so others can do the same, it's no big deal). I must admit, I have gotten pretty behind on the blog. I have sooo many pictures piled up to show you (and they are good ones, otherwise I would have deleted them by now.)

I really thought I was going to have to fight this guy, but nope, he was really rather friendly and just cared for this swamp. I was more than happy to help him out.

What you see behind me, is actually tunnels through the mountain that lead from the dwarf lands to the swamp. (I think) Cool tree!
The dwarfs have shifted from manufacturing, to archeology! Cool lore!
When you die in the World of Warcraft you end up here, in the spirit world.

OK that is some gross armor.
Hehe, I haven't posted one of these in awhile. This is a good one!