Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NaNoWriMo is almost here!

National Writing Month is almost uppon us! :) NaNoWriMo is when thousands (well I hope its thousands, that's actually just a guess) of people write a 50,000 word book in a single month. Thats the goal anyway. I have played the game for the past three years, and have failed each time. But this year I'm going to try again and this time I am going to WIN!!!

So, I would encourage any of you guys out there that like to write to participate, it's a great literary exercise. (It's more about quantity, then quality, if you nitpick you are never gunna make it.) Another big challenge of the game is plot. It's actually not hard to write the recommended 7,500 words a day until about halfway through you realize you ran out of plot!

What I'm saying is next month you guys might not see any blogs at all. ^^ Or perhaps just a few small ones, we'll see. November is a month for me to step away from the TV the video games, and even the friends, and just get my writing cap on. I try to not write about RL in this blog but this isn't really RL is it?

In the meantime I do have two EVE pictures to share. Here you have my barge doing with it does best, mine. and there is some other fancy looking ship that just jacked my ore. XDMy second account finished training for the Itty V! Now I can haul with the best of them! Unless I get a freighter that is. :P

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

*sigh* Goodbye L2, again!

Well, it seems every few months I'm switching MMOs. I guess that's how it has always been for me, thats why I kind of think of myself as a "perma-noob". I think its because I honestly enjoy being a noob. It's not even that I must play the newest shiniest MMOs (although that is often true) sometimes I will leave a new one for an old one.

Well, in Lineage 2 I had made this clan called KTULU. It really chokes me up leaving L2, but I'll say what I can. KTULU was a cult, we role-played, and we killed. Killed lots. :) I had two regular members that I would go and PK some noobs with. Times where good!

But... Lineage 2 just takes too much time out of real-life and I need to focus on school and my studies. I'm not quitting MMOs thats for sure! But Lineage 2 just isn't the right game for me now and the kind of life I want to have.

I know some people could easily balance the two (real-life and the game) but I just can't. Lineage 2 is just way too addicting! Especially since I know what it takes to really do well in the game.

So I'm heading back to EVE. :)

Dwarf PvP is the best!
They came back for more!
Sacrifice! Sacrifice!
I want a tattoo like that. :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lineage 2 sightseeing

OK I have a lot of pictures to share with you guys today, so I'll just get right to it! Hope you enjoy the tour of Aden.
One of the first things you see when you make a Dark Elf (I'll get into why I made this character later) is this statue of Shillien the Dark Elf god(?).
This is the hand of Shillien.
I forget why I killed this person. Oh well. :)
I'm pretty sure this orc asked for it...
This is what the enterance to the Execution Grounds looks like. You can see that I got some dual swords! They are awesome. My class is going to be a Blade Dancer.
Showing that sorrow maiden who is boss!
Ok I know why I killed this guy. :) He joined my party but kept going AFK like every 20 mins, so I killed him.
Doing class change quest I saw this cool face.

This is a picture of the dark elf symbol, above the Altar of Sacrifice.
Ran across this interesting rock outside of Hunters Village. I think it has something to do with a quest, I'm just not sure which one.
This is the Sea of Spores. I went deeper then I have ever been in this zone and I was surprised that the monsters actually don't get any tougher the farther in you go. I always thought it would lead to some really tough spore things. :) You know... this place kind of reminds me of some screens I saw of an FFXI expansion.

Captain Beefheart walks the land

Well things have been going well in the Nanaki server on SupremeL2. I have made a number of new characters.

Here is my second character (after CowNoseTheCat) he is called CaptainBeefheart. CaptainBeefheart is the name of my favorite musician. His band was called CaptainBeefheart and His Magic Band! He is a very... underground? Weirdo? I'm not sure how to describe his music, but whatever it is it is awesome. Anyways so I thought about what kind of class would Captain Beefheart be and so I made my character a wizard. He has a beard kind of like Beefheart and is just as stylish. The picture above is my friend Jak and I sitting down for a break, behind us you can see the Ruins of Despair south of Gludio.

Not long after I made the Captain I got my first PvP point. This guy just came out and attacked me! Oh well, his loss hehe! I think I am really liking this server much better then DeviantRealms. The players names are absolutely horrible, and seems like everyone is an idiot, but the pvp is everywhere! This is definitely a PvP server.

After playing Beefheart to level 25 or so and getting some of his Wizard spells I have decided that I think I'm not going to play him. I'll not delete him just so I can keep the name in case I want to use the name again but mages are just not my thing. It's not even a Lineage 2 thing. Every MMO I play I always try out the mage class and I never get into them. Oh well, was worth a try! So you likely will not see CaptainBeefheart again.

PS: If you have not listened to Captain Beefheart go out and listen! And if you don't like it at first (because it is really weird) listen again, and then listen a few more times after that, you will start to see his genius and it really grows on you.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Yeah... I know.... but what can I do? I started playing L2 again!

I am definitly addicted. XD So when Deviant Realms shut down and I heard everyone was moving over to SupremeL2 I decided to check it out. Turns out they had a new 15x server that was going to start brand new! Now seemed to be the perfect time to start playing again, tottaly new server and all.
Look how many people there are in the starting area? XD That's like... half of Deviant Realm's starting population right there.And when I went to go get some newbie buffs I was just like, "omg!" That poor newbie buffer is getting raped! Some people where even screaming, "I'm stuck, move so I can get out!!"
Grabbing my newbie weapon I head off for some adventure.
If you have looked at my very first blogs (the really bad ones) you might remember these waterfalls.When I went into this dungeon to kill some stuff with my friend I saw this huge line of people all waiting for... something? I can't tell if its some quest monster or a raidboss they are waiting for.And after some time has passed, here you can see me killing a Stakato in the Cruma Tower region. :)

It's been fun so far playing on a new server. Will I stick with it? I'm not sure, I think I just might. I sure do switch MMOs way too much!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Interesting thing happend in EVE

Well, I didn't think I would get any content from EVE. I mean its just such a different game I wasn't sure if I was going to have anything to blog about. It's not like I can just go to some new area and take some pictures to show you guys. Well the other day I was just sitting in my asteroid belt doing some mining like I usually do when I saw some really interesting things go down.

I'm not really sure what happened but I'll do my best to explain what went on.

First I saw this rather large group of ships warp into the belt... some of them had low security ratings but not all of them. Then most of the ships warped off and left two of them in the belt.
I know the screens aren't very good but I did the best I could. I think I can get better ones in the future, I'm still learning the camera system and the action was so fast I had to be quick.

Well anyways, continuing the story. After the rest of the gang warped off, one of the pirates went over and floated by this rook(I think, not sure what ship it was) and then stole his can... but instead of flying off with the rooks minerals it just sat there.See the puff of smoke around the can? This is not the rook's can, I think this is the pirates. I'm not sure why he would jettison a.. replacement can?

Regardless... I DO know what he was doing... baiting the rook into attacking him! And attack him he did. A really cool battle happened.I know you can't really see them fighting, but I think that grey smoke is the rook getting hit by a missile and the rook was hitting the other ship with its drones. Obviously the pirate was an experienced player while the Rook was a n00b...If you look carefully in this picture you can see the smoking wreckage of the rook to the upper left of the... other ship. (I don't know what it's called XD)

But then when I thought it was all over something else very strange happened! Another ship warped into the belt, and began to attack the pirate! Is it the same pilot in a different ship? Or perhaps a corpmate?

The battle that ensued was very colorful and I'm sure it was exciting for both pilots involved.
Yay blinky lights! I have no idea what is happening here, if someone can explain what those little dots of light are?
Then like this glowy stuff started shooting out. Is this that stuff that drains your capacitor? I don't think its a damage thing I think its like a debuff. You can also see a missile exploding off the other ship.
Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the explosions of either ship. My cameras where positioned in a way where my view was orbiting the non-pirate ships. When they exploded the camera instantly zipped back to being centered around my ship, disorienting me and causing me to miss the big explosion. :( Next time I'll get some much better pictures.

Oh yeah, so uhm this ship that attacked the pirate died too. Too bad! But it was fun for me to watch and I bet fun for all those who fought.

The pirate then came over to me... and stole 100 ammo from my can. :P I had allready moved my ore out of the belt long ago... I wasn't about to attack the guy so he could not kill me or the NPC cops would vaporize him.

All said and done it was an exciting day and gives me hope that EVE will bring more blogging material then I thought.


Allright, I got my Retriever! Check it out, this is a picture of it in my station. Note it has gears, and flames, and looks like it can mine a ton. And believe me it can definitly mine a ton! I never knew barges would mine so much more then my crappy ol' frigate. XDYou can see one of the strip miners on the top of the ship (the little ball looking thing). They look kind funny but oooh man is it sweet to mine in. On my frigate the vindictus I would get about 2k ore every 60 seconds, now I get 12k ore every 120 seconds!!! That is HUGE I knew mining barges where good but I didn't realize exactly how gimped I was. :PHere is a shot of it mining, notice that big stream of ore around the laser. Now the laser is fatter and has that puff of ore being sucked into the barge.

One interesting note is I thought I would be able to AFK easier with my mining barge, and this is true due to the 120 second cycle instead of 60 seconds. However after just two cycles of my mining lasers my barge's cargo space (which is a lot bigger then the frigate of course) is full. This means I still have to use a jetcan to mine just like when I was flying my frig.

Except now I have my second account to haul for me at the same time of my mining. :) I am "popping roids" sooo fast now. I haven't sold any of the ore I mined yet but I bet I will be making much more cash.