Thursday, January 31, 2008

EvE: trinity, and A Return to EvE

My private Lineage 2 server has been down for almost two weeks now. When Cow Nose is MMOless, she starts to look around for other MMOs! I can't help it. Well, I told myself I wasn't going to do it, I said, "Cow Nose you have college to focus on! You don't need another MMO! You have reading to do, homework to do, take a break from MMOing!"

But, I just couldn't do it. :P And so, after seeing my friend Korvix playing EvE and talking to him for a bit, I decided to come back to EvE. Why not? I might actually have fun someday in it. :P

At first I made a new character, but after looking at all the skills (and money) I have trained on CowNoseTheCat I decided to just go back to her. Having a different name then CowNose just doesn't feel right anymore. Which is kind of a shame because I sort of wanted to do some Minmatar roleplaying. But I know myself too well, I know I would not stick with the game long enough to do anything really cool if I played my minmatar.

EvE has a completely new graphics engine, and I must say, it looks fantastic! I recommend you take a look at my past EvE screens and compare the two. The difference is huge. EvE feels MUCH more realistic now.
I dunno what this ship is called. The gallente ships look even better now. You see, they always had this organic look to them, but now they have this slickness to them (in the shine) that I always imagined them having.
You can see more of what I am talking about. Here is my vindicator. If you look at some past blogs, you will be able to find a screenshot of the old vindicator. At least, I think that is what it is called.
The hangers look fantastic now!
My favourite part of Trinity, is the new stations. I love all the windows they added! It definitly gives it more scale and just looks fantastic. It is exactly what I imagine a space station to look like, glimmering liken a jewel in the darkness of space.
Of course I am still mining. :P Not too much new here... I think the mining laser is bigger now. XD Actually, the difference is, instead of being one laser you now can see that the mining laser is made up of many small beams rather then just one big one. You can't tell from this screen however.
One of my favourite ships, is the Gallente shuttle. Perhaps because it reminds me of a high performance sports car, rather then a ship. Maybe it is because of all the Gallente ships, this one is the most asymmetrical.

That's all for now! The problem with EvE, is it sometimes seems like it would be harder to get content for this blog because there are not the typical "theme park" type areas to go to. However, when I played EvE last time there always was some new surprise around the corner! So we will see, I bet this game could get really exciting.

Monday, January 21, 2008


I have completed my class change quest and am now a level 50 Hawkeye! Here are some pictures of my adventures on the way there.

Here I am talking to a Dark Elf.
And talking to a human.
I just love this picture. ^^
Just a bee. :P Big one though!

And finally... after a long class change, I became a Hawkeye! I bought some Theca armor, some jewels, and a Dark Screamer! Why did I get a dagger instead of a bow? Because the top lux bow sucks and I can actually do better with a dagger at this stage of the game. OK let me explain that a bit more for those of you who don't understand. In Lineage 2 you can only buy no-grade and d-grade weapons from NPCs. However you can trade with some npcs for a limited # of C grade weapons, armor, and jewlry. Instead of paying in adena, the C grade costs crystals. Crystals... well thats a whole nother story. :P But to sum it up, castles in Lineage 2 make crystals. So a clan that owns a castle will have a great source of income.

Well, how did I afford all this C grade gear? I bet you can guess...
Yup! Good ol' CowNoseTheFatCat.

This weapon is called a Tarbar.
Heh, I have never seen a whole group ding like this.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Return to Lineage 2

Well, this post is a long time coming! I have taken a small holiday break from blogging (not that its very hard or anything, I just have been doing a lot of gaming) and I am back, with a new MMO! Well... I suppose it is not really NEW but it definitly is a favourite. Yes that MMO is the one I love and hate and can't seem t0 stay away from, Lineage 2!

The first character I would like to introduce you to is my spoiler, KauKauuu
Yes, I just had to give her a cutesy name! It's a female dwarf! Here she is standing infront of a cool looking raid boss.

I also made a male dwarf, for crafting! I have never crafted before... but I think I like it. :)
And finally... my main character CowNoseTheKitty!
Ahem XD Here my friend plushiemushie and I are having a swim.

But wait! I have more exciting things to show you! Some PvP often goes down in the Execution Ground.
Here is CowNoseTheFatCat showing off his brigandine armor. It's not a full set, but I don't really need one.
Here is a shot of me running into the Execution ground.
Here is a pretty shot of kitty at the Elven starting area. :)
Well that's all for now! I look forward to many more pictures to show you guys in the future. ^^

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rise of Kunark!

Well, I decided that I'm not gunna play EQ2 anymore. XD It's a great game and all, but it's just not really for me. A main reason, is I can't really afford it. College is just so dang expensive, and I'm kind of in the negative so it just doesn't feel right to be spending money on video games when I'm allready owing money to the government.

But... I got the new EQ2 expansion! It's actually pretty cool, and I got some nice screens to share with you all.Ahh, looking at these screens makes me want to play again! What a pretty sunset.Whee!
Whee!The Sarnak city is pretty gaseous.
Oh yeah, I will say that the Sarnak are an awesome race!
These guys are cool.
Ooh, pretty pyramid!
Look at that mountain smoke in the distance...
Another great sunset, I swear they upgraded the sunsets.
This is from an area in the EoF expansion.

Well, I love EQ2, and I might go back... someday! :D