Monday, April 28, 2008

Bloodmyst Isle. Aliens, woot!

I have to say, this Burning Crusade stuff is great! I was really impressed with the Bloodmyst Isle area, and this is where this blog will take us today.
Great shot, too bad the sun only sets once a day in Azeroth or I would get more pictures like this, hehe.
This is the entrance to the Bloodmyst forest. Yes, more crystals.

I like these monsters because they really do look like aliens!
Cool... floaty crystal things. Awesome.
I wonder what that thing is in the distance, looks cool.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Journey into Exodar, land of the crystals.

A good internet friend of mine, Professer, doesn't like Exodar at all. He didn't tell what what it was he didn't like about Exodar, just that it was the architecture. Well, I can only assume he doesn't like the colors and all the crystals. I on the other hand, love Exodar! I don't think I will make it my "home city" but I had fun walking around the city and looking at everything.

This is the first thing you see in the tunnel down into the depths of Exodar. This gives a good taste of the Draeni architecture to come.
Deeper in you see this simply massive crystal hanging down from the ceiling. This really took my breath away!
In a circle around that massive hanging crystal, there are doorways to other parts of Exodar. But this one seems to be closed off from an overgrowth of crystals! Just how well can the draeni control these crystals?
Here is a better view of some of those doors.
This place really is amazing... I can see why it turns off my friend, but I think going in really wild and new directions is a good thing. WoW can do the traditional fantasy well, but I think when it really goes out on a limb like with the crystal stuff that it excels.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


The boxed set of World of Warcraft comes with the Burning Crusade expansion. Playing the trial, I always eyed those grayed out Draeni and Blood Elf character creation options with envy. So, when I got the expansion, I made myself a Draeni Warrior! I actually liked the starting zone quite a bit, especially the architecture (a friend of mine said he hated it, dunno why). Here are some pictures of my adventures starting there.
Here I am, standing in the place you first start. You can see a crashed spaceship in the distance.
Here is a better look at that spaceship.
There are some great monsters in this area! I love these plant things.
And lots of crystals. A friend of mine hates them, but I like them!
Here is one of the alien's that came along with the Draeni. Very cool, and definitly a good hunter pet.
Of course, you gotta have some blood elfs to kill!
Owlkin are always fun to kill too.
In the distance is the great city of Exodar!
And finally, a little owlkin totem. Nothing major, but I like to take pictures of little stuff like this.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kitty cat, night elf starting area

The night elf starting area is called, Tertradissl or something like that. It is basically a giant tree, the whole zone is based inside of this tree. Cool stuff! I won't go on and on about the lore of this area, but I will say that I enjoyed it and that I am now interested in WoW's lore. I might even read some of those books! Hey, why not?
Well, CowNoseKitty is a rogue (gah, I always spell it rouge) and this is her sprint effect, gives here this cool little trail behind.
The Night Elfs have this awesome mount, the hypogriff, but in this screenshot you can also see the great tree behind. Notice all the giant roots, cool stuff.
There is an epic flying mount that is probably pretty difficult to get, because you need a huge amount of reputation plus a lot of money. Still, it's very awesome because it looks like this hypogriff except with some armor. Very cool! I will probably try to get it, since I like these guys much better then griffons.
I never knew WoW could be pretty! ^^
This forest does the dark spooky thing really well.
And interesting thing I didn't know, is that WoW runs on real-time. That is to say, a 24-hour day in WoW is a 24-hour day in the real world. What this means is, there is only 1 sunrise and 1 sunset per day in WoW! (unless somehow you can fly fast enough to catch more than one hehe, I suppose that is possible) From a screnshot perspective this is kind of annoying, because it means I won't be able to just camp out for a few hours and wait for the awesome light conditions, but it's also awesome because it makes the sunrise/sunset more special.

Monday, April 7, 2008

What have I done!?! WHAT HAVE I DONE!!! (WoW)

I don't know how. I don't know why. But I have done it, finally, I have succumbed to the beast. Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen: I am playing World of Warcraft!!

Actually, I do know how. It all started with a dream. I was an undead warlock. And... that's about it. But that dream stuck with me! And it bugged me for weeks and weeks, and I couldn't stand it until I downloaded the trial and I played that undead warlock I so dreamed about.

Little did I know... how fun WoW is! And really, that is why I am playing now and probably will continue to play (remember though, I can't stay in one place long nor am I a one MMO man) for the foreseeable future.

That is the biggest reason why I have now chosen WoW over EQ2: it's simply more fun. I like how my characters move and control, I love the style and the color. I honestly never ever thought I could enjoy WoW and I must admit that I have been very judgmental about the game, without having actually tried it.
There he is, my undead warlock.
Good thing I don't have any nasal functionality left, so I can't smell this guy.Summoning my first minion.
Sadly however, my all time favourite guild the New Outriders plays alliance. And this game is just so much more fun with some reliable and friendly people, so I made a night elf to join them. (I actually have made multiple night elfs, so don't freak out if you see her hair change or something, but in the end I stuck with one)
Not unique to WoW, but still cool, is some great looking armor. Nice tentacle staff buddy! (It wiggles hehe, it's awesome)Here you can see Cownose my human mage. Aint' she somethin? I like her, but anyways, look at this outhouse! Now that is hilarious. I always wondered how these virtual characters did their business, finally we have a reasonable explanation.
Like any good MMO, WoW has castles. Lots of castles. Ok probably not as many as Dark Age of Camelot but yeah they are around.Back in the Night Elf lands, I ran into this ent guy. Looking good! I like that color.I'm not sure if I'm supposed to bathe in here, I think this waters are sacred or something. Oh well.These spiders are coool!
Just to check out their starting area, I made a troll. Needless to say, I like it!
Undead horse mount, good stuff, good stuff.A sexy blood elf doing her thing.
These imps are pretty cool. In the end the warlock class was not my cup of tea, but they have style in what they can summon.
And finally, I just love this picture of the night elf starting area. It really gives you a good impression of what the forest is like and the color.