Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm rich!

Haha, I got my first gold in Vanguard! And not just one gold... but three! I've been exploring Kojan with my ranger Tsabo doing quests and harvesting things. But when I hit around level 15 I found that I wasn't able to solo any of the quests I found. They all needed groups.

So instead I have spent a good amount of my time killing animals and skinning them, and from them I got some rare skins which I then sold for three gold! If you don't play vanguard then you might be wondering how much 3g is actually worth. (For example plat in EQ2 is fairly common, or Lineage 2's millions of adena) 3g is enough to get my my first horse 30 times over. Or it is enough to buy you two really awesome swords that would last you till about level 20. So I'm not rich yet but it's still a good chunk of money.

I've been hunting in the blighted lands. One of the first things I saw was this far-off volcano. I wonder what is in it? Or is it even a volcano?It seems like there is always something new and interesting around each corner.There is definitly something wrong here.
And onto a different adventure... I figured out that you have 10 slots for items to list on the broker per continent. I had quickly filled up Kojan's broker so I set off to find the other two exchanges.

I took a wrong boat and ended up on the Orc island north of Cai'Brail (the woodelfs home).While I was there I spotted a level 35 shaman... looking sharp!
After running from that orc I went back to my island on Kojon and found a peaceful beach.
Eager to make more profits I took a boat to New Targonor a city in Thestra the most northern continent. I found an exchange broker deep in the city's sewer system of all places and was able to list my goods there.

Finally back at home I was able to enjoy this nice sunset. I try not to post pictures that are too dark but this one is just so pretty.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

New friends, new adventures!

I switched servers. I have made a new character on the Targonor server. Why did I make this switch? To join my old guild and my old friends the New Outriders!! The New Outriders are a family guild that is all about casual play with friends without pressure to play hardcore. It's got a great family feel to it.

My new character is a Ranger too, just caus' I can't see myself playing any other class now. Well I have so many great screenshots I better start now! I made a wood elf so I'm on a whole different continent called Kojan the asain-themed continent. It's really really pretty and it made me realize just how gorgeous vanguard is.

This is actually from the northern continent of Thestra, I like how it looks. I've seen these rocks all over the place, I wonder what they could be for? There must be some use to them.
The first thing I did when I made my wood elf was use my racial ability. I had no idea! It's so cool, it turns you into an Okami and makes you run 200% faster!I did a little newbie quest and when I poured a cure into this pond... well look what happened:
This door sure does look imposing.
Inside that door there is a nice garden with a little waterfall and some animals. I looked up into the sky and was amazed by what I saw flying.I think this screenshot says it all. Just how beautiful Kojan and this game is. (I definitely recommend clicking on this one to make it bigger!)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Starting to really have fun in Vanguard!

I sure have been having fun in the big VG! It's a very typical MMO. It hasn't done anything too crazy or too exciting if you are comparing it against other MMOs. The quests are the same, combat is the same, mobs are the same, even the lore is nothing special. And yet I am just having so much fun! Vanguard is exactly what I was looking for, and it is exactly what I wanted EverQuest 2 to be.

I always wanted to play EverQuest. When I was a little kid I bought the strategy guide (useless most likely) and I event dreamed about playing EQ! Yes, I was that nerdy. ^^ Well I never had a graphics card so I never did get a chance to play that EverQuest. So, instead I played Ultima Online and Asheron's Call, but thats a story for another time. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, Vanguard is what I wanted EverQuest to be when I was that little kid. It's finally rekindled "that feeling."

In-Game I had to do something horrible. It really affected me and I'm not kidding. The wife Brent over at Virgin Worlds (podcast, good one, listen!) said that the biggest problem she had with MMOs was killing the little animals like the wolfs and deer and stuff. I sensed that she was really serious about this! Well, I had to do a similar thing. I had to kill a sasquatch. *sob*
In other news, I made a new character! Her name is Gabi and she is really pretty. I like her strong face, and fierce will. She is a Ranger. One with the forest and a skilled hunter.
Big boobs too. Ahh, well anyways! I had fun exploring the starting area of the High Elfs. It's on the same continent as Greg (Thestra I belive it is called) but it looks much different from Halgarad and the surrounding area. This statue was the first cool thing I saw.
Allright, I know this frog looks a little cheesy but I like it. ^^
I like the design on this treant. A very old-school mob, but Vanguard did a nice job.
Exploring a temple/ruins/cemetary I found these crypts. I like the green.

That's it for today! Be sure to check back later for more pictures. I'm sorry if I talk too much, I try not too. XD

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Switching to Vanguard

It's so sad when you have to leave an MMO and leave your friends behind. It's something we have all have to do and it affects us all in someway or another. I wish I could just keep the same group of people to play MMOs with but there is always going to be one thing or another that makes me go out and seek new lands and new adventures.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm saying goodbye to Lineage 2. I know... how sad! It just kind of dawned on me while I was hunting in the beast farm and thinking about Lineage 2 and Vanguard. While I play Lineage 2 I feel like I'm playing in a box... and that box isn't a bad one. I meen, it's fun. I have had plenty of fun playing Lineage 2. But where was it going? I really had no goal in Lineage 2 and I realised that I didn't even like PvP all that much. And PvP is the main focus of the game!

Vanguard. It's such a hard game to describe. For now I'm still going to withhold judgment.

The trees are really cool in vanguard. They feel like real trees. A strange thing to say, but they just feel more "real".

At the top of my native town of Halgarad there is a altar.
These spiders are pretty scary. O.o