Friday, November 23, 2007

Freeport, home of the Overlord

I am kind of tired... so I am just going to get right into it. Perhaps I will think of things as we explore the screenshots together!

Under the city of Freeport is an extensive sewer system. There are some really cool steam things down there.

That is one ugly... well, you know.

Eww... that is just gross!
I like the architecture in the ghettos.

These things are called rust monsters.

Nice detail on this axe.... I like it! It is called the Giantslayer's Axe

A tranquil scene in the Commonlands. In the distance you can see one of the magic spires that are scattered around Norrath.

Arcane science. Golems, zombies, chemicals, and books!

This is the church of Freeport! I think I would like to go to that church.

I know this picture seems grainy and boring, but it is a good example of what it looks like when it rains in Norrath.
This is another one of those statues in the middle of a ghetto. I forget where this one is...

Hehe, I know I normally never post pictures with any interface in them. However, I think one time doesn't hurt! This picture is an example that not only World of Warcraft is funny!

I made a wood elf in Kelathin to try out the ranger class. I didn't really like the ranger but I got a nice picture of this faerie statue.

I call this thing a "shroomonster!"

Monday, November 19, 2007

A return to EverQuest 2 (again)

Wow, no exclamation point in today's title! Oh wait, there it is again. Hehe... it does seem like I use a lot of exclamation points in my blog's titles. If you look at my history about half of them have a "!". A friend of mine even said over xfire that he didn't read the blog because it was "Too sappy and happy-go-lucky." Haha, what can I say? I am excited about the things I do in these MMOs and I love them all! I just have such a passion for these games, and this blog is a good example of how much I enjoy exploring them and seeing new things.

Well what new things have I been exploring and seeing? The world of Norrath!

I played EQ2 right when it was launched and have played it off and on since then. It's a great game with a wonderful world. It has it's flaws but also its pluses.

Well, I will be talking more about Norrath as I get deeper in. For now, lets take a look at the Isle of Refuge! This is the place where trial accounts have their fun, as well as the first place you start as a new character.

Some history on the Isle of Refuge: It used to have an instance where you are on this boat and you get attacked by a drake and the boat crashes and you end up on the Isle. Was this taken out? Perhaps I just had the tutorial disabled, as it is basically a tutorial. Also, the Island used to be for both Qeynos and Freeport and you would be able to talk to both sides and make a decision on where you wanted to go. Now you are either one or the other and the whole island is either Qeynos controlled or Freeport controlled (the monsters are a bit different depending on which side).
You can see the ship you start in in the background. In the foreground you can see my new character Cxaxukluth laying the smackdown on a crab! Well you can't see the crab but belive me he is there.
Around the corner from the docks are... The Tower of Something! OK I can't remember this towers name... but I bet it has one!

If you look up you can see the exploded moon of Lucin. When Lucin exploded much of the world of Norrath was ripped into chunks and destroyed. And that kids, is how you make an EverQuest 2!

A patrol of Freeport Guards. And a statue.

Because this is the Freeport side there is a statue of Lucin behind the Tower of Something. If this where a Qeynos character you would have a statue of Antonia Bayle. If this was that hybrid island back at launch... well I have no idea! Did there used to be both statues? A completely different statue?

There is a great painting at the top of the Tower of Something. I imagine that it is a painting of
the entrance to the Plane of Fear.

Here I am laying the smackdown like only I know how! One thing that bothers me, even with the interface turned off you can still see that big arrow. I'm going to have to figure out how to disable that.
Another great painting. I can't tell what it is though... a dungeon or city from EverQuest 1 definitly. I think the "painting" is actually an EQ1 picture. (And thinking in retrospect, perhaps that first painting is an EQ1 screen too)

Ahh yeah... love to watch that tent burn.

OK well that is all for the Isle of Refuge! I enjoyed it, did every quest there was to do, and I got some good shots in the process. Next stop.... Freeport!

In the center of every ghetto in Freeport there is some kind of special monument. In the center of the Scale Yard there is this statue. In my opinion it kind of sucks... I mean it's a great statue there is nothing wrong with it but in Freeport there are statues all over the place! What makes this one any different? Oh, and another interesting detail, in Freeport all the races are doubled up and separated into ghettos. Iksar and Barbarians, Dark Elfs and Trolls (I think) etc. etc.

I feel sorry for those Barbarians in the Iksar ghetto because Iksar are dedicated to the elimination of every other race... oh well. Perhaps the overlord thought they where the only race both smart enough to avoid the Iksar and strong enough to fight them if they did get into a tiff.

Here is what is in the center of the Dark Elf ghetto. Kind of nice don't you think? One thing to notice is the evil "dark" smoke coming out of some of the fire thingies. I wonder the lore behind this symbol... I'm positive there is background on it. There is so much lore in EverQuest 2 I could make a whole blog just talking about it.

OK well that is all for now, I can't wait to get back to it and see more! There is soooo much to show you in EverQuest 2.