Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ding level 70!!

Ah, well, I like to save up some more pics or get some more important news or stories from my various travels but just has not been much happening this month. (Dog days of summer and all that)

Most of the time I have been searching for recipes in the Beast Farm. Oh, well that is kind of a special note, I hit level 70!! And you know, I was just looking at when I made CowNoseTheCat, it was exactly 1 year and 1 ago as of this posting. Ahh not bad for a years work in my opinion. And any Lineage 2 player knows that getting your 1st character equips and stuff is most difficult.

You know what that means tho? Only 5 more levels to subclass!! So I said "forget it" and I'm dropping ChewToastOnce. I will only PK with that character. Instead, I wanna subclass! Dwarf dagger will be so cute. ;)

OK for todays screens I went on a few raids with my alliance. There has been some amount of drama about raids and who is doing them on the Deviant Realms server. (I wont get into too much detail, but basically the server-wide raids are canceled indefinitely) I wasn't sure if I should post these pictures or not since its kind of a secret that we are raiding but someone else spilled the beans so I'm gunna go ahead.

Friday, August 10, 2007

ChewToastOnce is back in action

First off I would like to present, the Shadow Company!!

The Shadow Company is my clan in Lineage 2. They are a nice group of people and they make the game so much better. I'm sure you will be seeing a lot of them in the future! But wait, hold on a second? Where is Cow Nose in that picture? Don't worry, I'm there I am playing my old PK character ChewToastOnce! You can see me sporting my Theca. I got past level 40 so I moved on from my +4 Manticore and +9 Maingauche, now I can use my +7 Crystal Dagger and my +4 Theca.

I had to take this picture really quickly, but here you can see someone flying a dragon! There is my friend plushie running away in the distance and oh wait a second is that Doom I am wearing? Yes thats right I crafted full Doom light set. ^^

Yeah that means I am past level 52 (or whatever it is you can use B grade) I am now level 54! You know, I have never seen this monster before? I guess its from all the way back in C1 however my friends told me its graphics have been updated. I think they look really cool, I just had to take a screenshot. :3
And last but not least (things are moving so fast!!) I CRAFTED A BLOODY ORCHID! Bloody Orchid for those of you who don't know is a low A grade dagger and has a 60% craft rate. ;) Dang thing looks HUGE in my hands!