Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Important to me, probally not to you.

Ah, what a fantastic day today! I have been wanting to post for a few days now but I have been having major computer problems. Don't you hate technical difficulties? I have always been the type of person who just wants things to work and when something doesn't it gets me really frustrated. Well the technical problems where my mouse was going insane it would click everyone on the screen, freeze, etc. I replaced the mouse with a new one and everything seems to be working fine now! :D Well yeah like I said important to me, probably not to you, so onto the updates. ;)

Well due to the mouse problems I havn't been doing a whole lot of player-killing or adventuring as of late. My time has mostly been spent just grinding for SoP. I've found that SoP prices and demand has skyrocketed on the Deviant Realms server. When I first started playing they would sell for about 10k but now they sell for as much as 30k!! So I set up a thread so people can buy or trade things for SoP.With said SoP trades I got a bunch of Enchant Weapon D grade and Enchant Armor D grade for ChewToastOnce. I enchanted a few more pieces of armor to +3 and then tried to enchant my second maingauche to +4.
*cries* I know, it hurts. I was going to go out and kill someone to celebrate the over-enchanting of this weapon but I am not seeing as it didn't work. That's just not a good omen. I'm not too sad though because I still have the first dagger! I think this is a great plus to my chanting system, when you break something it's not the end of the world because you got the same weapon to fall back on. It will take alot more money to do... but that's all right.

And the really exciting news is: I resubscribed to EverQuest 2! I think I was getting a bit bored with Lineage 2. I missed the world of Norrath, EverQuest 2 has been an on and off joy for me the past few years. It's really a very fun game. I think I quit because I love to try new things and see new worlds, but I think this time I'm going to stick with EQ2 a bit longer. Perhaps I will even see level 70! Ah those numbers sure look good. Haha I want to say so much and yet I want to post the screens so badly as well! All right, screens now, talk later.

I arrive in Qeynos. My armor fits.
Sword still looks sharp...I'm not sure if I am incredibly fond of this shield, but I do like the art on it.
I wanted to see if I coudl still craft... yup looks like I still got it! I made two levels in just over an hour, level 49 Provisioner! Almost up to tier 6 I think.

Well, those are all the screens of my character today... but I want to share with you a few that I found in my screenshot folder of EverQuest 2 days past:

My red armor obtained from the tricky Armor Quest. It's only level 20-30 armor, but it sure looks fantastic. A few newbs where so impressed that they thought I was a powerful warrior.

A nice view of the castle from the docks.I will never forget the great event Gank-A-Drunk! Gank-A-Drunk is exactly as it sounds, you get your character really smashed, then head out to find some Freeports to kill! I remember all of us dyeing horribly..

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lineage 2 Rap

Haha, I wrote a Lineage 2 themed rap today:

I've been playing this game called Lineage 2
If you don't know what that is then let me give you a clue.
It's made by these fools down in Korea.
Who play all day just to get:
Well the goal of the game is to get some loot.
You gotta grind all day just to get a suit.
If you don't got the time,
To play all DAY!
Then your only other option,
Is to just EBAY!
There's a few different ways to get your cash,
You could make a dwarf and spoil some SOP!
Or just farm all day and hope for a DROP!
So now you got the cash it's time to upgrade!
ABCD grade! S GRADE!
Yes it's possible to get this shit!
You just need patience,
Now go grind in that pit!
Just don't play drunk!
You will fuckin' die.
So just play fuckin' high!
{Wicked record scratching noise}

Well, I'm off to work! Bye. :)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

First raid since the blog was started!

Today was a great day! For the first time in awhile I was able to go on some raids with my clan the FalseGods. We grouped up in our clan hall and set out to goddard to take out the first dragon we could find! We spot the dragon, and get ready to attack!
We slay the dragon with no complications thanks to our buffs and equipment. It drops a Dark Crystal Shield! Without delay the FG crew storms off thirsty for the next kill. We find one, in the Tower of Insolence. It's a ghost of some sort, with a crew of henchmen with it. We slay the ghost.. and it drops some Dark Crystal Leggings! Both of these armors are A grade, good stuff. I feel lucky to get these drops. :D I did get a screenshot, but it doesn't look that great so I'm not going to post it. I would rather just show you guys the good stuff then bog ya down with every little screenie I get. Except for the shots of me standing over someone's body. >:D I don't care how boring the SS is, I just like seeing my name red!

We search further for another boss to kill... and find one! In our eagerness we attack, and not all of us are fully buffed.
So the damn thing kills us. But! Not to be defeated, the FalseGods regroup and rebuff and are able to take it down on the second try. It doesn't drop anything of note, but I hope we learned a lesson. We kill a few more bosses, but then, when when we go to the Giants Cave we fight one of my favorite monster types!Scary isn't it! I used to hunt these things for EWB's, but now we are hunting for much better loot. We don't get anything special from it this time, but it was a great fight! Sadly some of our tanks die a few to many times to this boss. So we call it a night and go our separate ways.

In other news, I got a crapload of Enchant Armor D grade today for ChewToastOnce:Now almost every piece of armor (including jewelry!) I have is enchanted at +2! I didn't know if I should be focusing on enchanting my jewelry or my regular armor so I just enchanted both equally. You can also see I got a Blessed Scroll of Escape and another Maingauche! The BSOE will help me PKing because I can use it to instantly escape from battle if someone jumps me or if I'm about to die. These things will go a long way to keeping me from dropping any weapons or armor. The maingauche... well I'm not sure if spending my money this way is really wise but I'm going to try enchanting this dagger at the same rate as my other dagger. My reasoning is... If I can enchant both of them high enough I will be able to get one really high without fear of losing more then just a single +1. And if anyone kills me while I'm red and I happen to loose my dagger, well, I'll have a backup that I can fall onto.

I decided to have a bit of fun with ChewToastOnce to celebrate my acquisition of all the EAD. So I went out to find someone to kill. Right outside the gates I saw a warrior of some kind who's name was Nibba. I stalked her for a bit, and waited till she killed some mobs till I attacked. She must have been pretty well equiped, and a higher level, because she did not just go down for the count like I expected. Was it because she was wearing heavy armor? I'm not sure but we fought for almost two minutes and seemed evenly matched. Finally she was able to kill me with a lucky shot (my HP pot hadn't done its job yet) and I faced my first ever defeat. I'm not sad though, it was a good fight and I give her lots of respect for putting up the first real fight of this game.

The second person I attacked was a much cleaner kill. I went to the Ruins of Despair (a classic PKing location, and a classic leveling spot as well) to find someone to kill. Well, around the middle of it I saw a mage killing monsters and XPing. She was killing the Bugbear Warriors in less then two hits! So I knew I didn't really want to just run up and start whacking on her, for fear she could easily just blow me out of the sky in a few hits. So I found a good hiding spot and sat there, watching the mage. Eventually she must have ran out of mana or something because she started to SOE! I knew this was my last chance, so I ran out and was able to get one power move in and then when I hit her twice with my regular attack it cause a critical hit and she was dead in less than two seconds. Before they knew what was happening I ran off... to get rid of the karma I received.->Polydectes: Covered with the flowers,
->Polydectes: Instantly I'd like to die
->Polydectes: In this dream of ours!

Monday, January 15, 2007

D grade!

Yes! I finally got D grade today. ^^ I have been saving up things to sell with my other characters, and last night all the deals I had planned went though. So I was able to go on a spending spree and fully equip ChewToastOnce with a weapon and jewelry.I also had some extra EWD lying around. I don't think the glow is bright enough though, so I'm going to try and enchant it more. Phew I don't know how I feel about enchanting. I want to have a nice over enchanted weapon , but how would I feel if it breaks? I'm thinking about getting another dagger and enchanting the both of them... and just increase both of them as high as I can. Mabye that a is silly waste of money I don't know. :DEager to try out my new gear I buy some of my Rouge skills and head out into the wilderness to kill some monsters for more SP.*ding* As I hunt I level up to 21. ^^ The Execution Grounds have always been a favorite zone of mine. The mobs are great looking and I have fond memories of leveling many characters there. :) One of my goals is exploring places I havn't been in Lineage 2 with this character. So I won't just be grinding the same old spots this time, I will be exploring the landscape.
I came across this guy right outside Dion. He was hunting monsters and looked like he was really low on mana... I'm not sure what kind of armor he had but it probably wasn't very good either. I watched for a bit, then when he walked over next to me... I attacked! It might not have been the best tactic, but it worked because in a few hits I killed him. Perhaps next time I will be sneakier. But what could I really do? He was right outside the Dion town gates.. I literally killed him in board daylight.
->MANIMAL: Night; and once again,
->MANIMAL: the while I wait for you, cold wind
->MANIMAL: turn to rain

Saturday, January 13, 2007

BlackFlag is created

I have a little ChewToastOnce update today. I was talking to a friend of mine who was inspired by my PKing adventures to create a PK alt himself. We where talking and he mentioned making a PK clan. I have always had this idea in the back of my mind for awhile because I figured with all the death that comes with the life of a PK I would have plenty of SP to level up a clan. ( You see, when you die in Lineage 2 you loose XP but not SP or skillpoints) So we talked and I decided to go ahead and make the clan. :) We discussed a variety of names and have decided upon:BlackFlag! Arr, yes we be a band of pirates that shall roam the fields and plains of Lineage 2 searching for people to kill and rob! It's name shall inspire fear across the land! And Haiku.

So who is this friend of mine? Well, I would like to introduce you to: Carl!Carl is a good guy. He wants to be a PK real bad. He has never really PKed before, but I can see he has a thirst for blood an action in him. Does he have what it takes to be a killer in Lineage 2? I don't know. The next few months will test him hard. He's wearing the gear I used until level 20 so he is well equiped to kill. But once he gets his first class change done and reaches D grade? That is where it really begins.

Well Carl had never actually killed anyone. I could see he had a thirst for blood. So I decided to show him to ropes of Talking Island and find him his first kill. We wandered around, first to the waterfall, then to the stone circles that sometimes people camp. There was nothing untill on the beach near town we found a clue! A bow that a monster had dropped and someone had failed to pick up. And nearby there was a few Stems! You know what that means... whar thar be loot that wasn't picked up, thar be a victim nearby! So we search and we search... and I go to show Carl a great spot to find people, and that is the spot with all the stone guardians. People like it because they move so slow, good for mages. And what do we find, but a victim! Get 'im Carl!The chase is on! He attacks and...
Well, for those of you who have a quick eye you might notice the dead person isn't who Carl attacked at first. Hmm, should have bought some haste potions!

Say Hello to CowNoseTheCat!

Hi everyone! Wow, I can't believe its been a whole week since my last blog! I have been busy with work and school lately. I really am starting to become a weekend warrior. Is that a good, or a bad thing? I'm not really sure. I think it's a good thing. I just have to keep thinking about how I could be grinding mobs for XP and Adena, or grinding sandwiches for real-life cash.

I'm not getting discouraged however, because I still feel that no matter how much or how little I do in Lineage 2 I'm still making progress towards the next goal. Some games I hit a wall and start over. That happens a lot to me actually. I think I am something of a perma-noob. I have never ever made it to a max level in an MMO! I sometimes wonder what end-game stuff I'm missing, as in a lot of games the endgame is a whole other level of game play. Okay RL stuff aside lets get in-game. :)
Well, this is my main character CowNoseTheCat. I have played this character since the begining, and she was the first character I made on the Deviant Realms server. I think it's been about four months now and she is an impressive level 62. I sometimes look at other peoples levels and feel like it could be higher, but then I think about how much time I have spent on this character and how well equipped she is and I feel good. Dwarves level slow anyways. :P

Gosh there is just so much that has happened on this character that I could never sum it all up. I think the hardest thing I ever did was I soloed in a Catacomb for AA (ancient adena, you can use it to buy special items and upgrade your weapons). I spent about a week in that damn cata playing almost 6-8hrs a day! But finally I got enough money to upgrade my War Axe to the Yaksa Mace you see above. It's a fine weapon, and it has lasted me well into level 62. Only now it is starting to become a bit inadequate. At 62 I can wear A grade gear, and the Yaksa is a C grade weapon. Thats a whole two grades lower, so it's impressive how well it has kept up!

Today I decided to try fishing for the first time. I saw that my clanmate Snowmann was on, so I asked him to help teach me how to fish. He is a master angler, so I knew I was in good hands.
I got my pole and Snowmann and I went out to a secret fishing spot. He showed me a few tricks and I was ready to go! I cast my first lure and...
I got a fish! Yay! :D I love fishing! So I fish and I fish catching as many as I can. I can trade the loot I get from fishing to: expand my inventory, expand the amount of buy/sell slots I have, and craft other cool things like greater healing pots and accessories. (don't ask me how, I have no idea how fish can do these amazing things) Oh no!! A monster popped out of the water and attacked me! It wasn't much of a problem killing it... but the damn thing made my head all big! What the? I do have a cute head, but this is ridiculous. Well that's it for todays blog. :) I can't wait till the next one!

PS: As you can see instead of just shrinking a whole screenshot and pasting it I have learned how to crop images. I think this is a better way to show things, but it might have less of a "big picture".

Saturday, January 6, 2007

My adventures in killing -Lineage2-

Hi everyone. Well I have been playing a free lineage 2 server the past few months and I thought a ongoing blog of my adventurs in it would be fun. If this bores you please just don't read it! I am trying to PK people, so I should get some fun stories from this character. I'm not sure where this blog is going to go but needless to say I'm going to be sticking with the format of having lots of pictures and daily happenings. I enjoy reading other peoples blogs about what they have accomplished in there games, so I decided to try and do it myself. So this isn't an MMO commentary blog.. more of an ongoing story of Cow Nose the 50 pound cat in his various incarnations. This is a mega-post because I am converting a forum thread into this blog. so they won't be this huge in the future, but is bigger a bad thing? No, bigger is better!

The First Day
Originally posted on: Wed Dec 27, 2006

I make my character, I first try to take the boat to Gludin but I bought the wrong ticket so it kicked me off.

Ooh look! A pretty waterfall! I am out here on Talking Island the human starting town. I killed a few monsters and I have gained a few levels. I really am searching for someone to kill though...

Allright! I found someone to PK... I attacked him and he attacked me, but then he ran away. He is in light armor and is pretty fast... I can't catch up to him.

siCtir: Heh
siCtir: I can bet this isn't your 1st char
siCtir: mwahauha
siCtir: c'mon biotch
siCtir: mwahahaha
siCtir: c'mon get me lowlife

This guy is pretty smart... he is running away and trying to bait me. But I cannot run as fast as him, so I went back to the waterfall and tried to stick my ground. On one hand I was hoping to lead him into the territory of harder level mobs, but on the other I wanted him to just stick in one place and fight me.

siCtir: heh
siCtir: you ain't even worth the effort

Well here is where he runs away.. my first PK is a failure...

->siCtir: The crow has flown away:
->siCtir: swaying in the evening sun,
->siCtir: a leafless tree.
siCtir: Only the dead have seen the end of war, Plato.
siCtir: Comedy is a funny way of being serious.
siCtir: And
siCtir: Capitalization is
siCtir: The difference between helping your uncle JACK off a horse and helping your uncle jack...
siCtir: ... OFF a horse
siCtir: Stil, you'll never get me.
siCtir: 2nd chars never succed in trying to PK me boh
siCtir: I saw your name somewhere on forums, tho I can't recall where exactly, I should look closely
siCtir: to find out who your first char is

Hehe, that guy was pretty cool! Well this is where I logged off... I look forward to see where my adventures lead me next!

The Next Day
Originally posted on: Fri Dec 29, 2006

I started my adventure in the town of Talking Island.. nothing specil. I got outside to look for something fun to do! Maby someone to kill if I am lucky.

I kill a few mobs and wander around looking for someone. There was a mage in town that ran off.. but I can't find them. I see some ruins and decide to go in there, maby someone is there.

I kill some monsters in the ruins.. I see some gold on the floor, so someone was in here. I wander around hoping to find the person that left there gold here.

I get overwhelmed and killed by monsters in the ruins. :) Luckily I don't drop anything.. and the XP doesn't meen much.

I respawn in town and go to get some escape scrolls and get some new skills... when I go outside I wander around and stumble across a fighter! I hide behind some rocks, hoping they didn't see me.

I don't think they see me as they continue to kill monsters... I wait a little bit.. then pounce and attack!

I kill them easily, they must not have been high levle or had good armor. Wasn't much of a fight, but it was good. Then just as I turn to leave a guard attacks me and kills me in one hit.. good thing I didn't drop anything.

I then go into the wilderness (you respawn outside of town if you are red) and start to kill monsters to gain Karma back.. it didn't take too long this time to turn white, just a few monsters. But I hear the more you PK the more karma you gain when you kill someone, but for now it's not hard to turn white again after killing. I gain some more XP.. then I log, as I don't want to stick around for any high level alts that might want to come and attack me. I await another day, and more battles.

->panopticon: The crow has flown away:
->panopticon: swaying in the evening sun,
->panopticon: a leafless tree.

Second Kill
Originally posted on:
Sat Dec 30, 2006

I realize I have an hour before work starts... so I log onto my character to see if there happens to be anyone around to kill real quick. I don't really want to stick around for long after I kill them, so a short amount of time is to my advantage.

I wander around... kill a few monsters I come across, and go to an area I know mages like to hunt around, because of all the slow-moving rock beast things. I wander around... and then, I think I see someone standing around the same spot I was thinking of! So I hide behind a tree and watch them... I see them standing still for quite some time, so I think, maby they are AFK? An easy kill. So I go running towards them... and they disappear! Crap.. they are onto me, the logged out. But then I see a flash of a spell slightly off to the left, and I see my prey again. He probably sees me, but he is around a guard so I can't just attack him. So I give him some space and begin to kill a few monsters around me, so that I look like a regular player. My name is white, so he doesn't suspect anything. Then after he has used some more of his mana killing rock things... and gets away from the guards, I run and attack him!

I swing and begin to damage them.. but it's taking alot longer then the person I attacked before. They must be closer to my level. The person starts to run away, and they are a bit faster then me so I cannot hit them with my regular attack... but I can still stay up with them close enough to use my Power Swing. So they keep running (away from guards thankfully enough) and I keep using powerswing when it recharges. Then... they stop and fire one windstrike at me. The person turns purple too, which meens we are now in a PvP fight not just a straight up PK. It takes one more hit and then they are dead.
Andrial: hej
Andrial: Why?

->Andrial: A golden bug-
Andrial: beach
->Andrial: I hurl into the darkness
->Andrial: and feel the depths on night.

Andrial: stuptid gurl

Learning More
Originally posted on: Sat Dec 30, 2006

I have some free time so I feel like leveling my character up to 20 so I can do a class change quest to become more powerful. So I start out the day killing monsters as usual... nothing special till I run across my first victim of the day!

Doysaint: lvl?
An easy kill.. I think he was around my level, but his armor was much weaker so he went down pretty fast. I find it interesting how some people attack me at the last moment when they figure out things are happening. This turns there name purple which makes it a PvP fight. If I win I get a PvP point and no red name or anything like that if I kill them...
->Doysaint: In the cicadas cry.
->Doysaint: No sign can fortell
->Doysaint: How soon it must die.

What do you know! Running away from the last person, I find another player! This time they are killing werewolves and don't even have much time to respond to me running up and whacking on them.

Doysaint: lol
Doysaint: polka
->nurk: Clouds appear
->nurk: and bring to men a chance to rest

->nurk: from looking at the moon
nurk: what lvl r u?
Doystart: Men

Doystart: Man

nurk: hi

nurk: don't want to talk?

Doystart: lol


So I go to the elven ruins to get that XP I was tlaking about earlier, and I pop my head into a room and what do you know? Someone is in there! So I attack them and they start to run away.. but I can chase them just enough to hit them with my powerswing now that then. When they stop to talk to the gatekeeper to teleport out is when I finally hit the last blow.

Rostam: fuck you!
->Rostam: For love and for hate
->Rostam: I swat a fly and offer it
->Rostam: to an ant

I go deeper into the ruins to work off my Karma. At one point in time I look up and I see some real pretty dust falling down from an opening above...

I now have enough levels to start my class transfer quest. So I take the boat to gludin, (which takes a long ass time to get there...) and now I have started my class change quest. These quests are usually a pain, but some are much worse then others. The dwarf class change quest is a real pain in the ass... I think this one will not be to bad though. The hardest is at level 40 when you can change your class again. Those quests usually take forever to do.

A regular day
Originally posted on: Tue Jan 02, 2007

I start my adventure today in the town of gludin.. not to be confused with gludio or giran. Here is a nice shot of the town church. Church's are pretty big in the world of Lineage 2, definitely inspired by catholicism and old school Christianity.

I am here for my class change quest! I'm gunna be a rouge, which has a fast running speed (though human rouge is the slowest) and should be able to do damage really fast using a lot of mp up quickly. Perfect for a PvP/PK character. So I start my class change quest.. kill a few monsters to level up to 19, and then do my class change quest at 19. Amazingly it really wasn't very long or hard to do... way easier then the levle 40 class change quest! So I do the quest, and then I realise I need to be level 20 to change my class. So I return out into the wilderness to kill some mobs till I level up.

While I'm running along I see a dwarf. He is wearing a full set of Brig but I'm not sure what kind of weapon he has... I attack him, because I figure dwarfs don't have much in the way of attack power.

brilaut: fuck off

Unfortunately he was too heavily armored and my weapon was too weak... so it was really just a standstill. He could hit me and do some good damage, but we both had healing pots that healed us almost right away. I ran out of MP attacking him and he kept running away so I couldn't really get many good hits in... so I ended up just turning around and calling it a loss. Oh well! Next time. :)

So now I am level 20 and a rouge! ^^ Now it's time to get some D grade gear... which means this character will be on the back burner again, for now. Things are gunna start to get interesting... anything could happen on the main continent. On the human starting Island the place was pretty isolated and the only people you ran across where noobs (like me). But here... anyone could be anything! And after you kill them people have high level friends to come and hunt you down. :)