Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shartak special!

Haha you know I was so excited to the new update to one of my favourite web-based MMOs that I was just going to make a blog talking about the new updates. But then I realized, I don't think I have talked about Shartak at all yet!

OK well Shartak is a lot like Urban Dead. You get an action point every 20mins that you can use to do a variety of things like filll up bottles of water, gather fruit, trade with merchants, etc. etc.

Well, I usually try and use my action points to kill people. :) I'm a pirate so I kill everyone else but pirates. Oh yeah, thats the other interesting thing about Shartak. There are a lot of different groups you can start off in. There are a few different native groups, a few colony's, and a wreaked pirate ship. :)

This is how Shartak looks regularly:
But check out what Shartak looked like after I enabled the option for the reskinned Shartak!
The water the beach the jungle. Everything looks great. :) It doesn't take away from the text-driven gameplay it just adds to the experience. I am really happy with the upgrade. :)

Most of Shartak is jungle.. and it looks fantastic.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Say hello to Ultima Online!

Hehe just today I accidentally logged into the wrong private Ultima Online server! Here is a screen of what I saw at the britan bank:Ok I just want to point out the etheral horses, the purple llamas, and the other crazy colors. This is NOT the UO I want to play! XD See the server I actually play on is called Online Ultima and its running the Ultima Online before the expansions mucked it up.

This is what it should really look like.
But unfortunately it usually ends up just looking like this.

However, even if it doesn't have all that crazy !#$% Online Ultima is not without its events and unique kind of fun! Here I am in an event where the players are split into two teams and the winning team gets a reward.
Ultima Online is a very special game and will always have a place in my heart. :) It's a shame I didn't have this blog back in the day when I played nothing but UO. I really had some good times then. Needless to say.. it's good the be back in the land of Sosaria!PS: has all the elements that make UO a classic and the best PvP in any MMO. (Full body loot, stealing, killing anyone anywhere, etc. etc.) UO has done many things that no other MMO has yet to duplicate which makes it very special. Ultima Online has more in common with EvE then it does Vanguard. (Well, maby)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Qalia is awesome

I really like Qalia. I think its my favourite continent so far. The sunsets are beautiful and the enviroment is great. I feel like a real adventurer out in the sun. :) I'm excited about the server merges it will really add a lot of people to the server. Targonor now becomes "B" server along with like 3 other servers. I think the B stands for Best lol. XD I just hope I can get a good house plot when they launch the new server caus its gunna be a land rush.

I played Cow Nose a bit and I started crafting (got to level 10 blacksmith) and while I was harvesting I saw some great sunsets.
I did a little adventuring and found this cool crab.
But the highlight of the week is I got my first boat! A very nice guildmate crafted it and gave it to me.
But I got kind of bored with being a Death Knight. So I went back to Tsabo. :) Here's a shot of the area where I have been hanging out killing treants and working on my harvesting.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wohoo I built my new computer!

Oh man! I can't put into words how cool it feels to be using all my new computer stuff. :) It really is like a dream come true. I made a lot of sandwiches for this computer and it was totally worth it! Vanguard looks the same sometimes and at other times much better. The biggest difference is not in how the game looks but in how smooth everything is! Anyways I'm curious if you can notice a difference in the screenshots. I think you can, especially if you make them bigger.

This is the first thing I saw.
This next picture is like many I have taken before and all ready posted in this blog but revive points are just that good looking. ^^
My trust steed is still well uhm, trusty.
I was thinking about running to all my favourite spots to see what they looked like with the new computer. But then I thought of creating alts! What a great way to easily see totally new areas without much running. So I made a goblin alt. :)

Cool huh? ^^ Hey check out this axe/thing.

These teeth are awesome.

But you know... being a sorcerer just isn't me. I have always had a shot at being a mage in all these MMOs and none of the "blow em up" magic classes have ever really stuck with me. They can be fun but it just gets old to after awhile. So I made a Dread Knight. :) I decided it would be my character named Cow Nose. I was looking at the races trying to decide which one I would be. I was having a lot of trouble until it hit me over the head. ^^ Duh, there's a cat race!

These salamanders are siiick I bet you can fight em somewhere in Telon!

Ahh but you cannot stay in this other realm for long. And I just love the first thing I saw when I came to telon...

See you later. ^^ I think I'm gunna just sit here and smoke some hookah.