Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Shipping off to Qalia

I have to say all the comments on the last blog have made me really really happy. Blogs are one of those things where you don't really know if anyone is reading. So thank you for commenting. I have seen some blogs where the writers just pour their heart out into huge essays and then give up because they just weren't getting the feedback, a sad sight. Rest assured this blog will not blogfade like so many others.

On a suggestion from a friend I went to go take a look at the dwarf city. It was night time so I didn't get to see it at its best, I bet it is beautiful in the sunlight.
I wanted to finish up some quests here in New Targonor before I headed off the Qalia to start on a popular quest everyone seems to be on. I investigated a fisherman's murder.
I took a picture of this statue. I think this might be the first good dark picture just because the guy is holding a lantern.
Once I finished my quests I head off to New Targonor.
It's time to say goodbye, I don't know how long I will be away from Thestra. Or when I will return to Kojan for that matter (that is something I would love to do).

Qalia is very different from the other two continents. I am not sure if I really like it. Here is the first thing I saw when I go off the boat from New Targonor.
And after I got myself some supplies I didn't waste any time getting out there into the thick of things. I met up with a new group of friends, found the quest I was told about, and got to work!


João Carlos said...

Your pics are better this time. I think you really improved your PC for play Vanguard.

You need go INSIDE Bordinar's Cleft. That is a place that is greater inside than outside. But it is a place made for exist for a long time, as everything we dwarves make.

Bordinar's Cleft have a lot of interesting places inside, like the arena where we dwarves fight gladiatorial games for relax. And no one can say we don't have artistic sense, our city is full with statues of our kings and heroes.

Geregor Bedstone
dwarf, Florendyl server
DwarvenHolt Guild
cleric 18 / armorsmith 29

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Hehe, yes I did go inside the cleft it was amazing! I didn't get the pics I wanted but there was much to see. One thing I really wanted to do was get up top so I could see that dwarf guy with the forge up close. I could never find them stairs though, they must be kept secret.

João Carlos said...

The stairs up are behind the market place. They go up to mountain top.

At mountain top there is a "dwarven road"... a tunnel that cross the mountain to the other side. Included a big elevator inside...

We dwarves are the greatest builders at all Telon. We are the best engineers. The gnomes are KOS to us because they envy us...

Geregor Bedstone
dwarf, Florendyl server
DwarvenHold Guild
cleric 18 / armorsmith 29

Michael said...

it saddens me that I will not be able to visit the Cleft due to my race (Vulmane). Is it difficult to get into a guild in Vanguard? Not in a rush right now, since I am a low level. I am only lvl 7 due to a lot of work lately, but I hope to meet some good people to really make Vanguard fun.

João Carlos said...

My first week after launch I entered the DwarvenHold. I was at the newbie area near BC and saw that group with only dwarves completing some quests at a low level dungeon. All from same guild, DwarvenHold. I saw they had a free spot and entered the group .

After we completed the quests I asked for enter the guild and they invited me to guild.

DwarvenHold regularly make recruiting events at the newbie dwarf area. Each month there is at least one saturday we go there and distribute low level items like copper chests and weapons. If someone is interested we invite it to the guild.

Basically, wander around, maybe you find a guild recruting.

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Hey Michael I really recommend looking at some of the Vanguard fan-sites out there and browsing their forums for guilds. Many of them will likely have a spot on the forums where you will be able to find guilds that are recruiting.

Finding a good guild is really important to me. Sometimes if you just randomly join a guild it can be the best thing ever and you get a really great one! Other times... well lets just say I have been in some really bad guilds. :D

So I suggest you ask around, shop around, and look carefully for a guild that will fit you best before you join one.

But you definitly should join a guild, they are a big part of the game and make it so much better in my opinion. (However with the fellowship/friends/caravan things in Vanguard perhaps you don't HAVE to have a guild)

professer, the one and only! said...

Verry Nice!

I'd have to agree with you that I dont like qalia too much, especailly the spelling of it ;), but what is the quest you were talking about? Sounds like something I should get out there and do.

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Hah! I just realized the title of this blog is spelled Qualia. Well I think I have fixed out little problem, it's just a matter of pronouncing it "Kalia" rather the "Kwhallia".

I'm doing the Infernium mines quest line. It's pretty long and difficult but rewarding. I have obtained a great cloak (my first) and a nice ring from it so far but I hear at the end you get an awesome weapon.

Here is a link to a guide for the quest, however you don't have to read the whole thing it is all pretty simple and easy to figure out what you need to do in-game.

Tom said...


First to say i like your blog! I was wondering, i play WoW and this Vanguard game looks really good. What are the similarities and differences between these 2 games? And is it a monthly cost?

Thanks :)

-Tom (if you want to xfire me, it is: tommytomotom)

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Hey tom! :) The monthly cost for Vanguard is $15 a month just like WoW.

*They are both MMOs. Like WoW Vanguard has a big seamless world to adventure in.
*Both have a classic sort of combat system. The combat is different but it still has many similarities.
*Both have good quests.

*Vanguard has better graphics. (by far)
*WoW is probably easier to get into. In Vanguard you don't always know what to do next it doesn't hold your hand to all the quests and where to even get them.

That's just what I can think of off the top of my head. I can't really make that great of a comparison because I have never played WoW. I think the biggest difference is in the attitude of the games and the style.

tankian said...

hehe cownose, your blog is so much more popular than mine ( *shameless plug*