Friday, August 10, 2007

ChewToastOnce is back in action

First off I would like to present, the Shadow Company!!

The Shadow Company is my clan in Lineage 2. They are a nice group of people and they make the game so much better. I'm sure you will be seeing a lot of them in the future! But wait, hold on a second? Where is Cow Nose in that picture? Don't worry, I'm there I am playing my old PK character ChewToastOnce! You can see me sporting my Theca. I got past level 40 so I moved on from my +4 Manticore and +9 Maingauche, now I can use my +7 Crystal Dagger and my +4 Theca.

I had to take this picture really quickly, but here you can see someone flying a dragon! There is my friend plushie running away in the distance and oh wait a second is that Doom I am wearing? Yes thats right I crafted full Doom light set. ^^

Yeah that means I am past level 52 (or whatever it is you can use B grade) I am now level 54! You know, I have never seen this monster before? I guess its from all the way back in C1 however my friends told me its graphics have been updated. I think they look really cool, I just had to take a screenshot. :3
And last but not least (things are moving so fast!!) I CRAFTED A BLOODY ORCHID! Bloody Orchid for those of you who don't know is a low A grade dagger and has a 60% craft rate. ;) Dang thing looks HUGE in my hands!