Friday, March 21, 2008

A bit of delay, but I'm still MMOing!

As if I could stop. You know, it's kind of funny, when I have MORE time I actually blog LESS! This is because I get caught up in my favourite games, and because I think I have more free time so I procrastinate less. Of course, one of the best ways to procrastinate, is to write a blog!

Well we got some EQ2 stuff today, so if your not sick of that yet, then LETS GO!

Yeah we got some altar dude.
A fun encounter. ^^
Looking good Cownosethecat!
I like this little pool here.
Another altar.
I got some new "fun" spells, zombieform.
And skeleton form.
Recently, there was a Brells Brew event! A nice way to get some kegs for your room and go on a fun quest. ^^ I like this event much more than the holiday ones. I agree with Troy over at Voyages of Vanguard and EQual Perspectives (two podcasts I listen to... which reminds me I have some things to add to my blogroll on the right) that holiday events suck. They really distract me from enjoying the game.

Anyways the event has dancing halflings!
And a brewery of the gods!
This screenshot may be simple, but these docks have a good atmospheric feeling to them.
I don't remember where I took it, but I like it. Seems I have seen this in other MMOs though. ^^ Must be a common theme...


Anonymous said...

more EVE plz


Max said...

eve owns :P