Thursday, May 1, 2008

Deadmines, and a little other travel

Continuing my adventures in World of Warcraft I have made it to the deadmines and the respective area. The deadmines are... well just a mine I guess, but it has some interesting sights inside. I got some great pictures outside too!

This first picture is great. I kinda forgot where I took this, I think it was in the wetlands.
In WoW there are these summoning stones you can use to transport group members to your location. They are always outside of a dungeon or instance.

I was really surprised by the flowing lava in this part of the deadmines. It really has a great effect! I wish I could show it to you in motion. (Maybe someday moving pictures will be really common, like in Harry Potter where it shows the same thing usually but you can see things like water move and lava flow and the characters shuffle now and then)

Deeper in the deadmines you come across this awesome looking ship. And sometimes.... gnomes dancing.

After a few runs through the deadmines, I wanted to just do some exploring, so I decided to take one of the boats I saw and see where it went.

The boat led to the night elf area, which I wasn't terribly interested in, but wandering deeper into the surrounding forest I found this really awesome structure. You know what it reminds me of? If you have ever read The Wheel of Time, it reminds me of the giant magical-amplifier things. But it's obviously stuck into something, and that something seems to be bleeding light... so I don't know. I would be curious to find out just what this structure is and what it is used for.

[EDIT: I just noticed something interesting! Some of these screenshots where taken at night and in the dark, and yet they look fantastic! In EverQuest 2 I couldn't take any night pictures because they would always come out bad]

[EDIT2: Oh, one more thing! I started another blog and I would love it if anyone reading this would take a look. It is almost exactly the same as this blog, only it is pictures from real-life! I will be going to California and Alabama this summer on vacation, so expect some great pictures. Take a look at my new blog: American Roast]


Lianne said...

Haha think that's impressive, wait til you get to Outland! =D

I took a FRAPS movie of the sky in Hellfire Peninsula and made it my Vista DreamScene background. I have another one of Nagrand as well. The scenery in Outland is amazing....

Max said...

Im down here in mobile Alabama,
you gonna be coming down here or up in north alabama ?

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Max, I'm gunna be in Birmingham. Too bad, it's pretty far from where you are. But I will be there for a couple months, so if there is some concert or something and you happen to come to Birmingham hit me up! ^^