Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The human city, and a sunset

In WoW I have been traveling all over the place, and having fun killing monsters and doing some instance runs. I used to be a "WoW basher" even in this blog, and I admit I never had an idea how fun the game really is! It's very good looking too, that is probably the biggest surprise. Like any game, screenshots don't really do it justice but I try my best to take good screens to show off what I like about the visuals.

Well anyways, the human city has a classic look to it. It wasn't really my cup of tea, but I didn't hate it.

As you can see, it has a classic European kind of feel to it, just like you would expect from a human city.

This is a cool looking portal (nice windows too) at the top of the mage tower in the human city.

Aww, don't I look cute! I love this t-shirt and pants. Seriously, it's time mages stopped wearing robes. Too bad there is nothing at the top tiers that looks anything like this. Oh well! (Seriously, if your really a mage out on the field, your gunna want to have the flexibility of a shirt and pants. The only time I would want a robe is if I was in a cold place.)

Ahh, beautiful! Perfect place for a sunset really. This area reminds me of New Mexico.

And just like New Mexico it rains, occasionally.

Yup, it's got color. Very soothing.

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