Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Ship Event

Remember the ship event a few weeks ago? It was an event where the developers spawned boats at ports and along the coast all around Agon. I believe the idea was that there would be some race vs race ship warfare, but I'm not sure how well it turned out, because I never got on one of the damn things.

Our boat arrived outside shoal to pick us up. A GM had been waiting there giving out repair shards and black powder for the adventure ahead. "Great!" I think to myself, "Time to go sail and fight some other ships!" This will be my first real ship-on-ship warfare so I'm very excited.

But... when I go to get on to the ship, it's full of enemies! What the hell? Our alfar ship is already chocked full to the brim with PKs from other races? Obviously, none of us are able to get on the damn boat and many die trying to. Our Alfar forces were actually very weak and small, there was no way we could capture this boat from the people already in it.

Thank's for the great communication on what we were facing GMs! Why bother even giving us the repair shards and powder? To supply the people already on the boat I suppose...

But, I don't mean to gripe too much, I actually had a lot of fun. I had two water breathing rings already, I was prepared for any eventuality. So I just sunk to the bottom of the water and started shooting arrows at people.

The boat-dwellers were actually very smart, and few of them got into the water to fight, so I didn't actually manage to kill anyone, I was only able to hit one persona couple times.

However... there were corpses EVERYWHERE! And so my friends and I went to town, looting everything we could.

All-in-all I got a battlehorn and multiple full gear bags, and I of course, did not die myself. So it was a very satisfying and fun event. I look forward to the next! People will always complain about these things, but I think they should be doing events like this on a weekly basis.


Visperas said...

You might have had fun but the event itself was deeply flawed even the second time they did it. Anyway I agree they should be doing events like that on a weekly basis or even minievents daily.

joven said...
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