Sunday, March 24, 2013

OMG I won a Plex

Haha, wooot!  So, a chat channel that I frequent called "Radio Free Jita" (all the Jita, none of the spam) hosted a trivia contest, grand prize a PLEX, and guess who won?

It was a very exciting contest.  First, I got a question 1/2 right and so the hosts gave me .5 points.  (Oh I should explain, the contest was to see who could answer the most trivia questions correctly first in the span of 20 questions).  Right then I had a feeling that the .5 points would be what makes the difference in a win or a loss... then I got another question correctly.  Finally with 1 question remaining there where 4 potential winners!  It all came down to the line!  And... I got it correct.  :)  The question was, "What 3 countries does the US import the majority of its oil from?"

Here is my beautiful PLEX!

And the person who sponsored the contest.  Thank you Ogeko!

It was a lot of fun and I think I will have to give back and host a trivia of my own.

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