Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A return to Lineage 2

Ugh I know, you read it right... I came back to that evil Korean game Lineage 2 again. I have been so addicted that I haven't even had time to write a blog! (Well I have been moving to a new house as well.)

I'm just taking a break from Vanguard because I want to play it on my new computer. I decided to just not play it at all till I built the thing so that when I played the game it on the new computer it would be a fresh experience.

This next screenshot is the character select area you see each time you log into the game. It's not the kind of picture I would normally post, with the icons and stuff. But I think its interesting because it is the screen every Lineage 2 player sees each time they log into the game.
Well my "main character" is CowNoseTheCat a level 64 Bounty Hunter. :) Here she is gathering some steel by killing these bugs.
I bought a D grade weapon recently, some +4 Bich"Hwas. I'm gunna try to enchant them to +5 then +6. :) If they make it then I'm gunna use some Ancient Adena to turn them from a fist weapon into a dagger. Anyways buying the weapon inspired me to make a orc alt.
There really are some cool art stuff in the orc area. I think NCSoft might have updated the graphics here! They tend to do that all over Lineage 2 without telling you, things because subtly (and sometimes drastically) more detailed and better looking after ever free "expansion".
Lol omg look at this outfit. ^^
Anyways I recently realized that I had created a mystic not a warrior. I wanted to be a monk not a mystic! So, I have to wait 7 days before CowNose is deleted and I can make the orc I want. In the meantime... I have been playing my dwarf alt SoonWeC.
Just today I was playing SoonWeC and I was amazed by how many people there where in the Execution Grounds! I think its the most people I have ever seen there at once. :) There where aprox. 7 people. Hey that's not bad really, usually these low level areas are kind of barron. But things have been picking up. :) I think DeviantRealms still has a lot of life left in it. As much as Lineage 2 is kind of a crazy evil korean game... it is very addicting and fun in its own strange way... anyways I just know that I'm not done with Lineage 2 quite yet. >:D


Anonymous said...

woot welcome back!

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

^^ Thanks!

Glaimbar said...

Nice decision to come back to L2
Lineage rly beats all other games.
But im bit disappointed that you didnt even post one PK screen ;)

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

:) In time galimbar.. in time!