Saturday, May 12, 2007

Urban Dead special!

Ugh, okay first off just a wee bit 'o real-life news. I just moved to a new house! Heh... I bet you can guess what the first thing I unpacked was! Okay the low-down on the new house: the neighborhood is worse, but the house itself is better. A reasonable compromise I think. And honestly the neighborhood is not that bad its just a lot of poor mexican families. They are just that, families not drug dealers or gangs. Hey... I feel safe walking down the street thats good enough right!

I'm going to be bringing some new content into the blog, and that is bringing you my adventures from the free web-based MMOs I play. I wasn't so sure about telling you guys what I have been up to in these games... but I was thinking, "Hey, they are MMOs so why not?"

For the past... oh half a year I have been playing a free web-based MMORPG called Urban Dead.

Urban Dead is what I call an action-point(AP) game. Every half an hour you get 1 action point, with a maximum of 50 APs. You use action-points to do everything... to move to another building, search for supplies, talk to people, attack things, construct barricades, etc. etc.

Well the setting of Urban Dead is the reason why I love it so much. It is a zombie MMO! There is nothing like it. Its a great never ending conflict between zombies and humans.

Zombies have all kinds of skills they can get by spending experience points they find by killing humans or bashing down barricades.

Humans can get skills in other more interesting ways... healing people, etc.

Well since I first started playing this game I have been a zombie. I love to just bash down some barricades and let my zombies brothers inside to tear things apart and eat the yummy crunchy humans inside. Its just so satisfying when you kill a human, or drag them outside the building alive to give them to weaker zombies outside. I also take particular delight in letting out a huge groan when I see a human to alert my fellow zombies to the meal.

Urban Dead has a nice simple interface. There are no pretty pictures but its clean and to the point... especially nice that it does not have any glaring adds.

Well... I better get back to unpacking I really am just procrastinating and a blog seemed like the perfect excuse.

PS: The screenshot above it my zombie being revived! This means I'm a human again... which means I can get ammo, and sneak into barricaded buildings, and then kill everyone inside.


Troy said...

Urban Dead sounds fun :D
I think i just might start that.

Troy said...

I just started under the name PseudoGod and wasted about 30 action points thinking i can take down a barrier myself :P
I wasted the rest traveling trying to figure out what to do.
You think you can help me out and tell me where to start off doing stuff?