Sunday, July 15, 2007

Best day EVER!!

Oh man wow I just had an awesome day today in Lineage 2! Some guy in giran was giving away ALL OF HIS STUFF including D/C/B/ and A grade armor and weapons! To those of you who aren't really familiar with how Lineage 2's value of weapons and items is well let me say this guy just gave away a year or more of hard work! (Half a year at the least, if you play a ton)

What I got:
Avadon Circlet (B grade)
Avadon Boots (B grade)
+3 Full Plate Gauntlets (C grade)
Squeaking Shoes (they make funny noise when you walk in them hehe)
+3 Full Plate Helm (C grade)
some mats.

But best of all... I GOT A DRAGON! And not just any dragon, a Strider!
My clan definitely got the most stuff... caus my clan leader got a Bow of Peril AND a Deadman's Glory! That's the same doing twice what it took to craft my DMG! I'm just glad someone in my clan got them. ^^ Of course he is probably gunna blow up one of them within a week by over enchanting...


Glaimbar said...

Nice one
Lucky that you were there when he gave away is stuff.
And Striders own ;D

Anonymous said...

@_@ i need avadon stuff :(

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Hmm someday I may trade for B grade light armor of some kind, for now its gunna sit in my wh. ^^

PlasX said...

Someone quits and you are happy you got stuff? FU. K?