Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ups and Downs in Lineage 2

Wow, I sure have had a rough week in Lineage 2! One single noob came to the Deviant Realms server and shook everything up. It all started in IRC where I met this girl named Kimmi. She was very fun to talk to at first and we chatted a ton for a couple days. We went and trolled some other IRC servers and generally acted like idiots. I like to help out noobs and so I gave her some startup cash. Not much only like 150k adena. Enough to get a noob a little bit of a headstart but its not like I twinked her very heavily. And so this girl started asking me for more money asking me for this asking me for that. It was very annoying. She annoyed me so much one day that I couldn't keep myself from killing her and then rezzing her and killing her again. :)

Here is a screen of me working off the karma I got form the PKs. Sorry I didn't get a shot of her body :D
Anyways well I made a terrible mistake. I think I kinda became attracted to her. >< style="font-weight: bold;">really trying to do was overload the trade so that there where so many items they would just bounce back t0 her because in L2 if you dont have the inventory space then the trade just bounces all the items back to their owners. When the trade bounced she could say something like "Haha suckerr" or whatever and run off with the weapons and stuff. Well the trade went through thanks to my extra inventory spaces and now I got all my stuff back plus a little extra. ^^This might seem like I was the asshat of the situation and that she was the victim. But believe me it couldn't be further from the truth. Because shortly after I got her stuff Kimmi managed to steal a full set of B grade armor and jewels and a B grade weapon. (Which she then rubbed in my face like it was some victory, wtf does stealing from a clan I'm not even in have to do with what happened between us?) And basically spammed and f'ed with people untill now half the entire server wants to kill her on sight. Not bad for a weeks worth of work. ><
And of course I couldn't help but take pictures of the pretty stuff. :)

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