Friday, September 21, 2007

Mining a bit and skillin up!

Well EVE is kind of a slower paced game... it's not like a traditional MMO where I can just go and explore some new area and get some screenshots from that to show you guys. So I wasn't really sure if I had enough content to make a blog, but thinking about it, yeah I do! :P

First off I would like to show you this shot of my drone killing this rat (slang for the NPC pirates).
You can see me mining to the left of the drone. Man those explosions sure are satisfying. I can't wait till I blow up some people! :) I'm not really interested in going on missions to kill NPCs but oh man I would love to kill some other players. >:) I'm sure I'll get my chance someday!

OK I got podded. ><
:P This is a picture of me!

Here I am flying in to buy 9 million ISK worth of skill books! These two books where 4.5m ISK each, and are some advanced learning books. I like how this Gallente shuttle looks... really sleek and stylish!

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