Monday, January 21, 2008


I have completed my class change quest and am now a level 50 Hawkeye! Here are some pictures of my adventures on the way there.

Here I am talking to a Dark Elf.
And talking to a human.
I just love this picture. ^^
Just a bee. :P Big one though!

And finally... after a long class change, I became a Hawkeye! I bought some Theca armor, some jewels, and a Dark Screamer! Why did I get a dagger instead of a bow? Because the top lux bow sucks and I can actually do better with a dagger at this stage of the game. OK let me explain that a bit more for those of you who don't understand. In Lineage 2 you can only buy no-grade and d-grade weapons from NPCs. However you can trade with some npcs for a limited # of C grade weapons, armor, and jewlry. Instead of paying in adena, the C grade costs crystals. Crystals... well thats a whole nother story. :P But to sum it up, castles in Lineage 2 make crystals. So a clan that owns a castle will have a great source of income.

Well, how did I afford all this C grade gear? I bet you can guess...
Yup! Good ol' CowNoseTheFatCat.

This weapon is called a Tarbar.
Heh, I have never seen a whole group ding like this.


Domin said...

Nice blog:) i will look here many times, if u want some screens, etc. PM me in Nanaki- Buff - Prophet 76lvl ;))

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Thank you very much domin!

You know, your offer is kind of interesting. Do you do much pvp? It would be kind of cool to follow you around and just be neutral (I would make a new character with a funny name like "the press" or something like that) and take some screens of your pvp.

Sekine said...

Soon Cow Nose.. soon.