Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rise of Kunark!

Well, I decided that I'm not gunna play EQ2 anymore. XD It's a great game and all, but it's just not really for me. A main reason, is I can't really afford it. College is just so dang expensive, and I'm kind of in the negative so it just doesn't feel right to be spending money on video games when I'm allready owing money to the government.

But... I got the new EQ2 expansion! It's actually pretty cool, and I got some nice screens to share with you all.Ahh, looking at these screens makes me want to play again! What a pretty sunset.Whee!
Whee!The Sarnak city is pretty gaseous.
Oh yeah, I will say that the Sarnak are an awesome race!
These guys are cool.
Ooh, pretty pyramid!
Look at that mountain smoke in the distance...
Another great sunset, I swear they upgraded the sunsets.
This is from an area in the EoF expansion.

Well, I love EQ2, and I might go back... someday! :D

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Max said...

so what game u gonna play now?