Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Ding!

Ding! Level 51! This is a big level. B grade equipment is only two steps away from the best stuff in the game, S grade. Ahh, I love to bask in the sweet glow of that new level. OK check out some of the new equipment I can wear:

This is an almost full (I’m missing the gloves as you can see) set of Doom Light armor. It has good bonuses to your physical attack attribute as well as a bonus to your attack speed! I think it looks pretty good too. I get a little tired of the “panty”-ness of the armor, but it’s OK. Still, I would prefer some shorts.

Oh, and this is my new weapon, a Kris. This is a top B grade dagger, meaning it’s the best there is! Some people even use a heavily enchanted Kris ‘till S grade, so that gives you an idea just how close I am (or at least, feel) to end-game Lineage 2. Oh yeah, I know, I’m sure level 75 and higher is still a long ways off for me. But, this weapon is one step closer to that eventual goal.

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Clamsd101 said...

Cool. Although I don't know shit about lineage 2. I'm a EVE player right now. Contact me at Greg Parnell if you ever hit that game up again. But the graphics for lineage look pretty good. Way better then the sadly ubiquitous World of Warcraft.