Sunday, January 25, 2009


One of the recent additions to Lineage 2 is an instanced dungeon called Kamolka. There are different versions of the dungeon for different levels. You are limited to one run through the instance per day. I have found that the dungeon is a nice way to meet new people in Lineage 2, you can almost always find someone your level looking to do the instance.

The other day, I did the level 54 Kamolka with my clan SilverMoon. Here’s a few screenshots from the event!

Our tank, Bestregards, takes on the enemy.

Take him out!

Death comes to the enemy! And the rewards to the victorious.


Danshir said...

I really need to check this game out, the graphics look very purity and it looks fun.

Blast you Cownose! Blast you!

brenda said...

Everything okay?

Joanna said...

Xander where ARE you? you haven't been online. in ANY of the games we play!! I am worried! what happened? O_O are youi still at Cris's?