Monday, March 16, 2009

The 50 Pound Cat's MMO Adventures Temporarily Delayed

Hi everyone! As you may have guessed, I have not been around recently. I recently have run into some real life troubles. I lost my job and thus have no internet, additionally I moved to a new apartment and haven't set up said internet there. Crummy, I lost my job just as I got a new place! Bad timing.

But, I will be back! You guys know that. So... people who have me in their feeds, please keep me there! People who just read the website manually... well check back in a couple months.

And people who have me on their blogrolls, you can take me off them if you wish. I will contact all bloggers when I return and ask you to add me again.

PS: And I'll be honest with you, there just isn't an MMO I'm terribly interested in at the moment. So when this blog comes back there might be some great new games to cover!

PPS: This is NOT goodbye or the end, I love The 50 Pound Cat's MMO Adventures and I will continue to post my adventures here as long as I am playing!


Tipa said...

Was wondering what happened to you! Hope you find a new job quickly.

Lianne said...

Good luck!!! ^_^

laura said...

hey, i commented on your blog months ago now and only just checked back since then, i love reading your blogs and just thought i'd comment to say i look forward to reading the newer ones (i'm here for the l2 ones really :D)