Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Return To Darkfall, and To Blogging!

I've been absent from blogging for a little while now, but I'm ready to get back into things! Perhaps it was the MMO's I was playing at the time, or perhaps it was real-life. Either way, every blogger deserves a break every now and then.

And yet, I don't exactly look at it like that. Blogging is something I truly enjoy doing. That is why this blog will not "blog-fade" because I will blog no matter what! I like this stuff, and I have missed doing it. So with my return to DarkFall I return to this blog and hopefully I can share some great adventures. :)

With my return I must escape my current location and return to a place of refuge. You see, I left DarkFall in a clan called 420. So when I returned to the world I was in 420's city and no longer a member of the clan. (Like other PvP MMOs, DarkFall limits the amount of people in a clan and in a city, so I was kicked out to make room for active players, I plan to re-join 420 eventually)

420 IS a PvP clan, so their city is really not a safe place to be. So I set off for my homelands, the Alfar lands, where I know I have a place of refuge!

The above screenshot is the first Alfar city I came across. After leaving the green lands of the elves, the Mahirim, this city was the first beacon of hope I came across.

The desert is full of strange, and dangerous, plants!

Darkfall has two moons, a blue one...

And a red one!

I'm going to rest here tonight, and try to get deeper into the Alfar lands to the south tomorrow. Wish me luck!

(edit: this was supposed to go up yesterday, oh well, you can read this one first and the previous post 2nd if you wish to stay in order, no big deal)

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