Saturday, September 11, 2010

A brief return to WAR and thoughts on EVE

So, in my little break from darkfall I have decided to give warhammer online a try again. Right now war is giving ten free days to returning players, although their free trial goes to at least level eleven and I did not get that far in my ten days so really I could have done the endless trial FYI if your interested in trying the game out yourself.

Anyways, warhammer is very fun and colorful with interesting classes, but I quickly burnt out. I think I burnt out because the game is a traditional diku mmo with a heavy emphasis on pvp and rvr. I think I just don't have it in me to play those kinds of traditional leveling class-based mmo's after playing darkfall for so long. It's just so easy to become bored hitting the same old buttons and being restricted to your pre-defined role.

I also thought about returning to EVE but you know, I already know even before re-installing the game (actually I did reinstall the game lol but I never logged in) that I will become instantly bored upon really playing the game. Eve is a great game, but it just takes too damn long to do anything!
In the end, I will be returning to darkfall shortly. There is just no other game on the market right now that comes anywhere close to the unique and awesome fun that is darkfall. And, who cares if it's taking the devs awhile to update the game? It's obvious av is just a noob at the mmo buisness especially regarding things such as hype and there is no reason not to enjoy their game in its current state.


Mathias said...

Out of curiosity, are you the same author that used to write editorials and answer mail for Inquest Gamer magazine? I could never forget a cat named Cow Nose!

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

No, I am not that author, thank you for the comparison however! I'm just a fan of the great Cow Nose, and I did enjoy reading InQuest.

Anonymous said...

You know, EvE isnt boring at all if you're down in 0.0 with a competent corporation / alliance

(old DR player/spammer)