Sunday, February 18, 2007

I've been lazy XD

Well, I decided against drawing anymore comics. I am just too lazy to draw something every week! I have also been quite busy with some new games I have been playing... but I won't talk about that here, lets just get into some screens and what happened over the past week!

While I was leveling up in the Execution Grounds collecting hearts for the valentines day event I met some people who wanted to form a raid.We killed one raid boss but it pretty much broke up after that, too bad.
So I went back to hunting and I dinged level 32! Not the best picture I have taken, but it works. I really wasn't going to kill anyone today, but there was this guy who was afk for sooo long and eventually some monsters starting hitting him so I decided to show some mercy and kill him.And the funniest part of the day is that I got PKed! I pulled too many mobs and this guy finished me off. ^^ I didn't get a very good screen, but here he is! I want to talk to him... perhaps we could form a PK guild or at least just group a bit and kill some folk.


Glaimbar said...

Droplucker xD
I never have good drops
Gratz though you evil Pker ;p

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Thanks! XD I'm not terribly lucky.. thigns just drop easier at lower levels. :D I'm trying to save my luck for B grade+ drops. >:D Thanks for the comment!