Monday, February 5, 2007

Presenting: The First Comic Monday!

All right, I know the first image isn't a comic but, "Comic Monday" just has a nice simple ring to it. It's not MMORPG related either, a very different direction then past posts, but I promise that this will be the only time you'll see non-MMO stuff.
In an effort to bring regular content to this blog and as a push to try and get some real art out of myself I'm going to try and make a comic or drawing each week and post what I have made on Monday. I know I'm a really crappy artist and excuse me if this ruins my blog but I think its something that I'm really going to enjoy doing. Any comments positive or negative are welcome. ;)

Oh, and this image is a drawing of some Pig Men sighted at the Skinwalker Ranch. As the story goes, a farmer was driving by the ranch when he saw some people smoking cigarettes at the side of the road. When his truck lites lit them up he saw that they where humans except they both had pig heads. When he got out of the truck to talk to them he said that the pig men where gone but that there where two cigarettes left burning on the ground.


Glaimbar said...

You're an artist xD

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Haha, thanks a lot! Don't worry I got some great stuff planned out for Comic Monday. ;) That picture is just something I drew in an hour and a half at school (actually that seems like a long time now that I look at it). I'm going to have a real comic next Monday and more great stuff after that!