Thursday, February 8, 2007

Mmm... meaty!

I have a nice meaty blog for you today. Heavy on great screenshots with extra levels on top! To get things started I dinged level 50 Provisioner on EverQuest2. I had fun on my brief stay in Norrath... but I don't think I'm going to stay. I don't know why but the game just hasn't managed to keep me entertained. I just cannot get into it, so you might not see anymore EQ2 for awhile. :(I was bored and I felt like fooling around with a new character, so I made an Elven Knight. I've been thinking about making a tank in Lineage 2 because I really enjoy tanking in other MMOs. Well, I'm not going to play the character much more because I think the name is too unwieldy and because I found out later that the elf Tank class is one of the worst classes in the game. :PThere is a new event on the Deviant Realms server! You collect heart pieces and then play a little mini-game for prizes. The prizes are pretty good including Blessed Scroll of Escape (the one that can make you instantly teleport away) some great pots, scrolls that cast buffs on you, and if your luck Enchant Weapon and Enchant Armor scrolls all the way up to A grade. ;)

I played on CowNoseTheCat for a bit but I was killing mobs really slowly. I need to kill monsters faster if I want more heart pieces, so I logged onto ChewToastOnce! Here is just a random screen I took, nothing special but I like little details like the skull on the irrigation pipe in the gardens on the edge of the Execution Grounds.I got to level 29. ^^
There was this guy who I saw sitting AFK for a long time. I wasn't even going to kill anyone, I just wanted to actually level up for a change. But how could I resist?
->WIRUSEK: I kill an ant
->WIRUSEK: and realize my three children
->WIRUSEK: have been watching.

While I was hunting I got my first halfway decent item drop! I'm going to save these in the bank, but I can crush them for crystal later.Well that's all today. Be sure to tune in Monday for Comic Monday!

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