Thursday, June 14, 2007

Qalia is awesome

I really like Qalia. I think its my favourite continent so far. The sunsets are beautiful and the enviroment is great. I feel like a real adventurer out in the sun. :) I'm excited about the server merges it will really add a lot of people to the server. Targonor now becomes "B" server along with like 3 other servers. I think the B stands for Best lol. XD I just hope I can get a good house plot when they launch the new server caus its gunna be a land rush.

I played Cow Nose a bit and I started crafting (got to level 10 blacksmith) and while I was harvesting I saw some great sunsets.
I did a little adventuring and found this cool crab.
But the highlight of the week is I got my first boat! A very nice guildmate crafted it and gave it to me.
But I got kind of bored with being a Death Knight. So I went back to Tsabo. :) Here's a shot of the area where I have been hanging out killing treants and working on my harvesting.

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Jaye said...

Darn, I'll be over on server A! Oh well, if you end up doing a /moveserver and choose to head to the "A-team," look me up, I'm the ranger with sticks in her hair!