Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shartak special!

Haha you know I was so excited to the new update to one of my favourite web-based MMOs that I was just going to make a blog talking about the new updates. But then I realized, I don't think I have talked about Shartak at all yet!

OK well Shartak is a lot like Urban Dead. You get an action point every 20mins that you can use to do a variety of things like filll up bottles of water, gather fruit, trade with merchants, etc. etc.

Well, I usually try and use my action points to kill people. :) I'm a pirate so I kill everyone else but pirates. Oh yeah, thats the other interesting thing about Shartak. There are a lot of different groups you can start off in. There are a few different native groups, a few colony's, and a wreaked pirate ship. :)

This is how Shartak looks regularly:
But check out what Shartak looked like after I enabled the option for the reskinned Shartak!
The water the beach the jungle. Everything looks great. :) It doesn't take away from the text-driven gameplay it just adds to the experience. I am really happy with the upgrade. :)

Most of Shartak is jungle.. and it looks fantastic.

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