Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wohoo I built my new computer!

Oh man! I can't put into words how cool it feels to be using all my new computer stuff. :) It really is like a dream come true. I made a lot of sandwiches for this computer and it was totally worth it! Vanguard looks the same sometimes and at other times much better. The biggest difference is not in how the game looks but in how smooth everything is! Anyways I'm curious if you can notice a difference in the screenshots. I think you can, especially if you make them bigger.

This is the first thing I saw.
This next picture is like many I have taken before and all ready posted in this blog but revive points are just that good looking. ^^
My trust steed is still well uhm, trusty.
I was thinking about running to all my favourite spots to see what they looked like with the new computer. But then I thought of creating alts! What a great way to easily see totally new areas without much running. So I made a goblin alt. :)

Cool huh? ^^ Hey check out this axe/thing.

These teeth are awesome.

But you know... being a sorcerer just isn't me. I have always had a shot at being a mage in all these MMOs and none of the "blow em up" magic classes have ever really stuck with me. They can be fun but it just gets old to after awhile. So I made a Dread Knight. :) I decided it would be my character named Cow Nose. I was looking at the races trying to decide which one I would be. I was having a lot of trouble until it hit me over the head. ^^ Duh, there's a cat race!

These salamanders are siiick I bet you can fight em somewhere in Telon!

Ahh but you cannot stay in this other realm for long. And I just love the first thing I saw when I came to telon...

See you later. ^^ I think I'm gunna just sit here and smoke some hookah.


Jaye said...

Your screenshots have always been pretty detailed and very well done, so it's hard to see a difference, but I also feel that having the game run smoothly is just as important as graphics quality.

I'm curious what your new system specs are. I've been mulling over upgrades since launch, and I might take the plunge soon. I run on balanced, but I get some hitching and pauses in game, and I really would like it to play smoother.

Congrats on the system!

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Thanks jaye! I think if your thinking of upgrading my build may give you a good idea of what parts you might want. Thats because I bought all the parts with the goal of getting the most bang for my buck while still getting a top of the line computer.

Here is a link to a message board post with my new build: