Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cownose is created!

I was messing around with character creation a few days ago and on a whim I put "Cownose" as a name. The name was accepted! See, a long time ago I definitly tried to make a character with the name "Cownose" but it was not acceptable under the naming rules. Well, SOE must have changed the rules because Cownose was made! (On that note, my character Crazy on the PvP server's name is now Crazyxxx. How does that make sense? Some GM definitly renamed him, but I don't see why adding xxx at the end makes it any different! XD)

So I made Cownose an iksar. I know, two iksars in a row. But you know, I just love the iksar so much. They are really great looking. Wouldn't it be sexy if two male iksars where kissing each other? Well... I guess they can't kiss with those jaws but it would still be hot. AHEM *looks to the left and looks to the right* Anyways...

I was going to post a mega-blog with like 20+ pictures in it, but instead I am going to split this into two parts. The first part will be The Darklight Woods (the starting area I chose instead of Freeport) and the second part will be Neriak the City of Hate.

At first I didn't like the Darklight Woods, but I soon warmed up to them. This is the first thing you see that makes you say "Woah hey look at that, cool!" This right here is called The Well of Souls.
Of course it recycles some things, but that is expected. I like how they added some green stuff to these guys. They look great.
Dark elfs are short as ever. I'm not sure if I like their armor...
Er... yeah this isn't Darklight Woods. ^^ But I went into the Commonlands and I just think this is a good picture. The Commonlands have some great lighting! Oh yeah, and take a look at my armor! This is my first "gi" I think it is called. Basically armor for monks/bruisers. I love how it looks so much I could wear this piece of armor till I am level 80!
Mmm... I forget what this is called but it is good looking. One interesting effect in the Darklight Woods is that everything has this dingy sort of haze over it. Makes the screenshots look awful but the effect in-game is nice.
The Tower of Bone. Necromancer, magic rock, the usual story.
Ah, hehe, this isn't in the Darklight this is in the Wailing Caves. Hey, I love a good painting!
This is an epic undead orc found at the bottom of the Wailing Caves (the first part). He killed us three times in a row! We never could beat him.
OK back to the Darklight hehe. This screenshot isn't the most interesting, but I love when an MMO has some unique piece of scenery or some structure. So... it is definitly worth posting.

Mmm... I know this is a horrible picture, but it comes from an awesome quest! I summoned this flame creature (I think it is embodiment of hate or something like that) who was supposed to be worshiped by the people praying here. But of course I did some nasty tricks in the summoning and well... lets just say there where lots of sacrifices. ^^
There has been more then one interesting quest in the Darklight Woods. But.... I won't spoil anything.
Vampires do love their crypts!
Drake hunting!
Back in the Commonlands I stumbled upon this... I'm not sure what it is. These guys where like level 50!


Lucifrank said...

Heh heh. Gratz on Cownose, Cownose!

: )

Professer said...

"Wouldn't it be sexy if two male iksars where kissing each other?"

Hell yes!