Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's called EverQuest 2 and this is what it do!

I am sitting here listening to the Eurythmics on their album titled "1984 (For The Love Of Big Brother)" yes it is the soundtrack to the 1984 movie. It is actually a very rare CD! It has songs like "Sexcrime" and "Room 101".

Wow, I think that is the most real-life stuff I have talked about in a long time! Better post a screenshot fast!
The looming gates of West Freeport... uhm loom in the distance. Ooh... look, pretty wings!
I gained level 20 in Outfitting. That gave me access to the appearance tab, a feature which I really love. It lets you change what you look like to other people without changing the bonuses you get from armor. Here you see me wearing the regular (non-rare) level 10-20 armor.
I used to have some of this armor on a different character. I forgot how detailed it was... I noticed there is a subtle tree in the chest design. For low level armor it actually looks really good.
But this is an MMO! Nothing says you can't upgrade! I was going to harvest all the rares myself to craft this armor, but I got impatient and just bought the rares I needed to craft! (I figure I'll just harvest more and sell them to make my money back) This armor is Blackened Iron Vanguard. Good stuff, I love it! Behind me is the entrance to the Nektulos Forest.
The only part of my armor I don't like is this shield. I made the rare... and it looked exactly the same as the common version. What a letdown! This picture was taken inside the Nektulos Forest.Riding a griffon is fun... the first time. Ah, well I suppose it is better then walking!

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