Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pretty pictures from EVE Online

Isn't that what this blog is all about? Pretty pictures? Well, I will tell you, yes that is what this blog is all about! I think of it as not just a diary of "What I did today." (yet, it is that too) But also a visual journey into, what I did today. I like to think of it (my blog) as more of a travel journal just a regular journal. A good travel blog will have little stories and tons of great pictures!

Well anyways, lets get on with the show! (lol, show)

I swear, 'roids really are bigger in zero-zero space!

If you ever where curious what a warp bubble looked like, here is your chance. A warp bubble is just what it sounds, a big-ass bubble in space designed to capture people and keep them from warping away.
This little guy is what generates the whole thing.
Here is a picture of my friends ship, but that's not what I want you to look at in this picture. Notice the very bright star to the left of his ship? This mysterious object can be seen from all parts of space! It is definitly not a star, but as to what it is, noone really knows! There is definitly something suspicious about this "star".

Ahh, a nice cool blue. Very relaxing.
And for a 360 degrees change from that cool blue, check out this awesome screenshot! Oh, this one is just gorgeous.
You have probably seen this station before, but I like how it compliments the moon behind it. Or is that a planet?
I recently traveled to Jita (trade hub of the north) for the first time, and saw my first Caldari stations. Kinda freaky looking, but I like it.
Here is the inside of that station.
And my new Itty 3 (complete with Cargo Extender II's) exiting it.
I started to do a few missions to try and get enough faction to refine my minerals 100%. However, it is just going to take way too long to get the faction I want. So I'm just gunna train up really good refining skills and say forget it, 99.5% refine is better than a whole month of mission running. Hehe, the missions I did where not exciting at all either, just some courier stuff.
On one mission however, I saw a rorqual outside a station. I have always wanted to see one of these things in-person. The rorqual is basically a big-ass mining ship that is designed to compress ore into small amounts to make it much easier to transport. (This is different from refining)

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