Tuesday, February 19, 2008

0.0 Action Continues, Fleet Battle!! (yes that is two exclamation points!)

This most recent blog is definitly one of my favourite yet. I really liked my last one, and I really like this one too. EvE 0.0 sure is a lot more dangerous and a lot more exciting than I had previously imagined!

This last weekend, I was able to engage in my first fleet battle! My computer like slowed down to a couple frames per second, I tried to scramble someone but I just got blown up. (I seem to be getting blown up a lot these days). I normally never post a screenshot with any sort of interface in it, but this one shows the craziness and confusion that is fleet combat very well. No, it is nothing like I imagined. I used to think it was like some ordered thing, you would have a wing of one ship come in and do some long rang sniping, tacklers would go in close range, everyojne sort of had this barrier between each side (red vs blue). However, turns out, it is much more of a blob-like formation than an hourglass-formation (with each side of the hourglass meeting in the middle). Nope.. it's just a big blog. I dunno how you even maintain proper distances and ranges from your enemy or target.
Well, these next two screenshots are very similar, but this one has a ship getting blown up so I'm just gunna add it in, what the heck!
And this one has me... dead... well in a pod, but that got blown up pretty soon too! I think this is why we won and they lost (oh did I forget to mention that?) they where busy targeting noobs like me and taking the time to blow up my pod while the whole time our battleships where blowing the crap outta them!
This is my friend Korvix's ship.
And here we are guarding the dead bodies of our fallen comrades, taking what we can salvage before we get out of there!
And our reward...?
Aww c'mon... I know it is a rock but hey, I like mining!
Yup, I like mining.


Charles said...
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Anonymous said...

control + shift + alt + E to turn off "effects" and control + shift + alt + T to turn off "turrent effects". No pretty flashing lights and explosions, but you computer will run better in a "blob".

Anonymous said...

Whoops, that was me posting that


Heartless_ said...

Yep, turn off effects and turrents, and I turned off sound as well when engaged in fleet fights. Still, even on my souped up rigs, I never got into a fleet battle larger than 20 people that didn't lag out and become impossible to play.

EVE fleet battles suck major ass and the UI is 99% of the problem. Fuck CCP for thinking that you should fight the UI as some sort of "skill check".

Anonymous said...

With all due respect Heartless, it really is a matter of skill. If they are able to use the UI to beat you, it is only because they have more skill than you, because you are using the exact same UI. Or, they just have a better ship. Whatever.