Saturday, April 19, 2008

Journey into Exodar, land of the crystals.

A good internet friend of mine, Professer, doesn't like Exodar at all. He didn't tell what what it was he didn't like about Exodar, just that it was the architecture. Well, I can only assume he doesn't like the colors and all the crystals. I on the other hand, love Exodar! I don't think I will make it my "home city" but I had fun walking around the city and looking at everything.

This is the first thing you see in the tunnel down into the depths of Exodar. This gives a good taste of the Draeni architecture to come.
Deeper in you see this simply massive crystal hanging down from the ceiling. This really took my breath away!
In a circle around that massive hanging crystal, there are doorways to other parts of Exodar. But this one seems to be closed off from an overgrowth of crystals! Just how well can the draeni control these crystals?
Here is a better view of some of those doors.
This place really is amazing... I can see why it turns off my friend, but I think going in really wild and new directions is a good thing. WoW can do the traditional fantasy well, but I think when it really goes out on a limb like with the crystal stuff that it excels.


Heartless_ said...

WoW, no doubt, has the best introduction areas and big cities of any MMO out there. They really hit homeruns with both the Blood Elf and Dranei (sp?) starting areas.

Its just a shame they won't go back and throw that new polish on the other starter areas from vanilla WoW.

Anonymous said...

Exodar is beautiful...but I don't like it either.

It's very difficult to navigate. The first time I went inside, I wandered around for about 20 minutes looking for a way out! I had to have my lvl 30 friend come and rescue me. :P

Silvermoon is confusing too, but at least it doesn't have multiple floors. Follow the path long enough and you'll get out eventually.

P.S. Horde > Alliance. =D