Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kitty cat, night elf starting area

The night elf starting area is called, Tertradissl or something like that. It is basically a giant tree, the whole zone is based inside of this tree. Cool stuff! I won't go on and on about the lore of this area, but I will say that I enjoyed it and that I am now interested in WoW's lore. I might even read some of those books! Hey, why not?
Well, CowNoseKitty is a rogue (gah, I always spell it rouge) and this is her sprint effect, gives here this cool little trail behind.
The Night Elfs have this awesome mount, the hypogriff, but in this screenshot you can also see the great tree behind. Notice all the giant roots, cool stuff.
There is an epic flying mount that is probably pretty difficult to get, because you need a huge amount of reputation plus a lot of money. Still, it's very awesome because it looks like this hypogriff except with some armor. Very cool! I will probably try to get it, since I like these guys much better then griffons.
I never knew WoW could be pretty! ^^
This forest does the dark spooky thing really well.
And interesting thing I didn't know, is that WoW runs on real-time. That is to say, a 24-hour day in WoW is a 24-hour day in the real world. What this means is, there is only 1 sunrise and 1 sunset per day in WoW! (unless somehow you can fly fast enough to catch more than one hehe, I suppose that is possible) From a screnshot perspective this is kind of annoying, because it means I won't be able to just camp out for a few hours and wait for the awesome light conditions, but it's also awesome because it makes the sunrise/sunset more special.


Tipa said...

Actually, it's ON TOP of the tree. You can go to Darnassus, up to the northern bit past the bank and the druid trainers, and fall off that waterfall. And fall, and fall, and fall...

And even this huge tree is but a poor cousin to the original world tree, which the night elves destroyed out of their lust for power. They lost their immortality at about the same time iirc.

WoW lore is great, indeed :)

Aleena said...

I have to agree, WoW's environmental detail is really amazing. My one gripe is that the avatars, mobs, buildings and basically anything you interact with looks kinda cheap :(

When you come from an mmo like Lineage 2 that's probably the biggest transition to make initially in terms of looks.

As far as the mounts go, you can really get any standard mount in the alliance if you're alliance and any standard horde mount if you're hrode, gaining more reputation just gets you a bigger discount with the faction selling the mount(with the exception of special mounts like the netherwing drakes, wintersaber, nether rays, etc where usually you would have to grind rep before you can even purchase the mount).

Cnedran said...

You have an amazingly artistic eye Kitty, these screen shots are awesome. I really do love WoW and the ability of it's creators to create this wonderful world of Azeroth with all it minions.