Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm done with WoW. (Hey it had to happen)

Well, my time is up with World of Warcraft. I have had some adventures, seen a lot of sights, but all good things DO come to an end. WoW is a very fun game, it controls well, it has depth, and it is attractive. I really was biased towards the game, and it pleasantly surprised me.

So what made me quit? Well, I was doing alright, having fun. I got into the low 30's and so started looking for a new place to adventure out side of the marshlands (this is with my mage, who is very fun to play by the way) and I came to the Arathi basin. Well, the Arathi Basin was an allright zone... but it had those same spiders which I loved so much, but BIGGER. And the same dino's from the marshlands, but bigger! (Well, I don't think they where actually bigger, but just higher level). And I don't know, in that moment I just got burnt out on the game and decided it wasn't for me.

As a sort of last hurrah I decided to go into the Horde lands and see what sites there where to see. I don't remember many names of what things where called, but I got some GREAT shots! So... lets just get to it!

Ah, isn't this a beautiful shot? Just lovely... well don't go away there is more after this!

Same shot, different angle. Just as beautiful.

I'm sure most WoW players will recognize this place, I don't know what it is but it is very cool looking. I'm sure there is a good story behind it. This is close to the 2nd newbie area for night elfs.

Treckin' through the badlands yeaaah!

Mm yeah, I like this horde stuff. But, it's kind of more exciting from an alliance perspective. Feels like the land itself is against me!

Great action shot!

No words can describe this shot!

The land itself is against her!

New Mexico (my homeland) looks like this. Oh, by the way, you can check out New Mexico and other real life pictures in my blog American Roast! Just look for it linked on the left.

OK I don't know what is inside there, but gross!


For being a game with a low amount of pixels and that sort of thing, WoW can really pull off a great forest.



Well, that's that! Goodbye World of Warcraft! It's been fun, I can honestly say I enjoyed my stay. I really can see, what everyone else is talking about. Ta-ta for now!


Tipa said...

Why did you quit WoW? If you have never played it before, you should at least level up and see the sights :) Every MMO reskins its mobs for new levels.

You should stick it out, earn your mount, experience Stranglethorn Vale and Gnomeregan and stuff.

I think WoW has passed its prime but it's still a fun game, at least until the end game.

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

I explained why I quit, I HAVE played it before (I played it quite a bit, 266 hours to be exact)

I don't finish MMOs, I never have, and I probably never will. In all the MMO gaming I have done I have never ever made it to the "endgame."

Am I missing out on something? Probably. Some would say I am, others would say I'm not.

I love to be a newb, I like that fresh experience exploring a strange new place.

WoW just felt too grindy to me, a strange idea I know. (Considering the next game this blog is about to go to, I bet you can guess)

And as I have said in your blog, an MMO can never pass its prime, not really. ;)

Tipa said...

Oh, for some reason I'd missed that you played it before :P Well, so you've seen all these things then. I hit level 50 in a month of not-too-serious leveling, and then about two weeks to 60 (I was down with the flu during it), and then another couple of months raiding and stuff. I doubt I put anything like 226 hours into the game. And I also had a lot of alts. I played them casually until I quit entirely.

Oh, I think games can definitely be past their prime, but if they were ever fun, they probably still are fun.

So your next game? WAR? I'm skipping that one. I'm not into PvP, I care nothing for the IP, and if I am going to play a grindy level game then... well, no, I'm not going to. I am no longer so free with hours that I want to spend them grinding in any game. If leveling isn't fun for its own sake, not gonna do it. So that leaves out pretty much all WoW-likes.

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

No, I mean I have played it... getting to level 35 is playing it. XD

(I was just taking offense to you saying I have never played it before, caus its obvious I have been playing it for past # of months)

Dunno how you got to 50 so fast, seems like it got pretty slow to me.

Oh yes, I am definitely going to play WAR because I played the tabletop game when I was growing up, so I claim to be more of a WAR fan then even the MMO fans.

But no, I'm gunna play a bit of L2 in the meantime. ;)

Tipa said...

I started on a new (at the time) server, and there were lots of groups, the first time around anyway. By the time I started on alts, everyone was high level and you only saw people's twinks, and twinks don't group.

L2, huh? Good luck :)

Max said...

I quit wow at lvl 25, I never ever finish mmos or even get close to end game.I play till about mid lvl and move on, sometimes I redownload a game and find out I have a low level account already and remember why I uninstalled it in the first place

Parapijonis said...

Why grind?
You do quests, instances, raids and lvl comes by itself... You just note that time to change items since you use them for over 10 lvs...
And from wetlands (marshlands) you could go to Darkshire, StranglethornVale or go to other continent.
Have fun with our next mmo.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Outland yet?

Now THERE'S a sight to's so beautiful!