Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gnome Powah!

I just had to. They are so cute, and their dances are so cool. And you know me, I love making new characters and exploring new places from a newbies point of view. It's just what I do! I made my gnome a warlock, because there is some high level warlock armor that I think would look really good on my gnome dude.

Yup, that's a gnome with a plan! Notice I didn't make a girl gnome... god they are ugly.

OK, this isn't a picture of my gnome, actually it is a shot of Rulero my bank alt. I just found this team of bots sitting outside the bank somewhat interesting.

Ahhh, and the best thing Gnome's have going for them is their racial mount! How cool is riding on a mech??

The advanced models look great.

Inside a gnome house.

Is it just me or does it look like this house could get up and start walking around?

This poor gnome is really gunna get a shock... notice the big machine with a lightning bolt on it.

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