Thursday, August 14, 2008

Explording Fantasy Island

I recently got the chance to take a tour of Lineage 2's new Fantasy Isle. Fantasy Isle doesn't have much in it right now, but there are plans to have mini-games here that will (hopefully) really add a lot of new gameplay and things to do in Lineage when you don't feel like PvP or killing monsters. As of now though, Fantasy Island is an empty interesting place.

Just touring it really makes you realize the potential of Lineage 2's graphics and the strength of it's programming. ('Cause almost every inch of the Fantasy Island look fantastic!)

This is the first thing you see on the Isle. I like how it is cheery and fun, but still manages to have that fantastic Lineage 2 art style!

This is the main entrance into the Fantasy Island square. Though of course you teleport into the island.

In one section of the island there is this wonderful sea-themed section. (I wonder what will be here? Anything?)

Behold! Your Queen!

As I make my way to check out something on the other end of the Isle, I see a mysterious temple in the distance. I'll have to check that out later on my way back.

I think this statue of a cat is sniffing it's tail. Cute.

A better view of the whole island.

OK time to check out this temple!

Inside the temple is very interesting. On the floor is the Mayan calendar! Look at that detail! See what I mean about the potential of Lineage 2? Really cool stuff.

Well that's Fantasy Island. There is nothing "real" there just yet, but its absolutely worth taking a look. Heck I might just come back here to show you what I missed taking a shot of! I wonder if anything else will ever be here? What games will be added? Will Fantasy Island ever become a gathering spot for the players of Lineage 2 to meet and socialize?

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Max said...

Makes me miss that L2 private sever we played on....