Sunday, August 3, 2008

I made a Kamael!

Well, I just had to. It is the newest race in Lineage 2 and you just HAVE to give them a try. I have heard some iffy things about the Kamael, I think people don't really understand just how they work yet. But I really think NCSoft wouldn't make a character or a whole new race that didn't have its usefulness and unique skills.

Sometimes I like to take a picture of the character-select screen because they are all different in each MMO.

This is the room you first start in. That Crystal thing behind CowNoseTheKitty spins and turns.

On the wall in the back of this room stares an Evil Eye. Don't forget the Kamael are a dark and evil race!

Out into the big scary world.

I didn't notice at first, but look at what is inside this bird-man's mouth!

All bird-men must die.

Pretty cool waterfall, and I like these ruins.


Brent said...

Man, this is still a beautiful game. Thanks for the wonderful screens, but on the other hand, damn you for making me want to play this again!

Anonymous said...

I miss Lineage 2 too. It was the first MMO that I started playing (stuck with a Swordsinger all the way through to lv 78 or 79) and I played it for three years straight but I stopped somewhere after C5 because it was getting to the point whereby there was nothing to do, and a large part of my guild was resigning from the game.

I vowed to never play it again after I quit, but looking at those screenshots, all I can say is that like brent, it makes me want to dive back in again.