Sunday, March 11, 2007

Starting to really have fun in Vanguard!

I sure have been having fun in the big VG! It's a very typical MMO. It hasn't done anything too crazy or too exciting if you are comparing it against other MMOs. The quests are the same, combat is the same, mobs are the same, even the lore is nothing special. And yet I am just having so much fun! Vanguard is exactly what I was looking for, and it is exactly what I wanted EverQuest 2 to be.

I always wanted to play EverQuest. When I was a little kid I bought the strategy guide (useless most likely) and I event dreamed about playing EQ! Yes, I was that nerdy. ^^ Well I never had a graphics card so I never did get a chance to play that EverQuest. So, instead I played Ultima Online and Asheron's Call, but thats a story for another time. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, Vanguard is what I wanted EverQuest to be when I was that little kid. It's finally rekindled "that feeling."

In-Game I had to do something horrible. It really affected me and I'm not kidding. The wife Brent over at Virgin Worlds (podcast, good one, listen!) said that the biggest problem she had with MMOs was killing the little animals like the wolfs and deer and stuff. I sensed that she was really serious about this! Well, I had to do a similar thing. I had to kill a sasquatch. *sob*
In other news, I made a new character! Her name is Gabi and she is really pretty. I like her strong face, and fierce will. She is a Ranger. One with the forest and a skilled hunter.
Big boobs too. Ahh, well anyways! I had fun exploring the starting area of the High Elfs. It's on the same continent as Greg (Thestra I belive it is called) but it looks much different from Halgarad and the surrounding area. This statue was the first cool thing I saw.
Allright, I know this frog looks a little cheesy but I like it. ^^
I like the design on this treant. A very old-school mob, but Vanguard did a nice job.
Exploring a temple/ruins/cemetary I found these crypts. I like the green.

That's it for today! Be sure to check back later for more pictures. I'm sorry if I talk too much, I try not too. XD


Anonymous said...

Would love to see you thoughts on this disaster once you get level 20.

I think you will regret this entry. Vanguard a a pitiful, buggy, pathetic, boring, grindfest.

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Well I think that vanguard is doing nothing special right now. But I AM having fun right now, and there is nothing out there that excites me like Vanguard so I am determined to take a nice good long look at Vanguard.

The only entries I regret are the "comic monday blogs." XD

Dalgrin said...

Nothing wrong with enjoying the game you play even if it's buggy. If you are having fun, thats the reason to play a online game, well its the reason I play anyway.

I tried Vanguard, got to level 14 I think but I missed EQ2 so much I went home. Who knows may try it again this summer. Thought this post with the pictures was rather informative, keep up the good work!