Sunday, March 18, 2007

New friends, new adventures!

I switched servers. I have made a new character on the Targonor server. Why did I make this switch? To join my old guild and my old friends the New Outriders!! The New Outriders are a family guild that is all about casual play with friends without pressure to play hardcore. It's got a great family feel to it.

My new character is a Ranger too, just caus' I can't see myself playing any other class now. Well I have so many great screenshots I better start now! I made a wood elf so I'm on a whole different continent called Kojan the asain-themed continent. It's really really pretty and it made me realize just how gorgeous vanguard is.

This is actually from the northern continent of Thestra, I like how it looks. I've seen these rocks all over the place, I wonder what they could be for? There must be some use to them.
The first thing I did when I made my wood elf was use my racial ability. I had no idea! It's so cool, it turns you into an Okami and makes you run 200% faster!I did a little newbie quest and when I poured a cure into this pond... well look what happened:
This door sure does look imposing.
Inside that door there is a nice garden with a little waterfall and some animals. I looked up into the sky and was amazed by what I saw flying.I think this screenshot says it all. Just how beautiful Kojan and this game is. (I definitely recommend clicking on this one to make it bigger!)


Glaimbar said...

This Game looks kinda nice also ^^
do you move per click like in L2 oder with WASD/arrows like in WoW?

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Thanks for the comment! You move with WASD like in WoW. This game definitly has alot more in common with WoW then L2.

I have yet the check out the PvP.

Glaimbar said...

Hehe yeah.
I'd love to get info about the PVP action ^^
Keep going.

Bye bye