Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm rich!

Haha, I got my first gold in Vanguard! And not just one gold... but three! I've been exploring Kojan with my ranger Tsabo doing quests and harvesting things. But when I hit around level 15 I found that I wasn't able to solo any of the quests I found. They all needed groups.

So instead I have spent a good amount of my time killing animals and skinning them, and from them I got some rare skins which I then sold for three gold! If you don't play vanguard then you might be wondering how much 3g is actually worth. (For example plat in EQ2 is fairly common, or Lineage 2's millions of adena) 3g is enough to get my my first horse 30 times over. Or it is enough to buy you two really awesome swords that would last you till about level 20. So I'm not rich yet but it's still a good chunk of money.

I've been hunting in the blighted lands. One of the first things I saw was this far-off volcano. I wonder what is in it? Or is it even a volcano?It seems like there is always something new and interesting around each corner.There is definitly something wrong here.
And onto a different adventure... I figured out that you have 10 slots for items to list on the broker per continent. I had quickly filled up Kojan's broker so I set off to find the other two exchanges.

I took a wrong boat and ended up on the Orc island north of Cai'Brail (the woodelfs home).While I was there I spotted a level 35 shaman... looking sharp!
After running from that orc I went back to my island on Kojon and found a peaceful beach.
Eager to make more profits I took a boat to New Targonor a city in Thestra the most northern continent. I found an exchange broker deep in the city's sewer system of all places and was able to list my goods there.

Finally back at home I was able to enjoy this nice sunset. I try not to post pictures that are too dark but this one is just so pretty.


João Carlos said...

Tier 2 horse: 3 gold, I think.

A house plot: 10 gold, upkeep 60 silver; but maybe you get lucky and find a plot being sold per 2.5 gold... if they aren't all sold by now. Too there are some plots I saw at Qalia that are 30 gold... maybe because they have a good location, they are near Khal.

A small ship: here at Florendyl a friend of mine bought one for 38 gold

I remember my first gold at beta... how I feel rich. Now I have 3 gold and a plot that I am slowly buying items for build the house, tier 3, the cheapest to build. I feel poor.

That NPC was an ogre, not an orc. The ogres are "almost" allies to the orcs and goblins. Almost allies... because there is a quest at Martok for make the ogre king friendly to the orcs... before you complete it the ogres are KoS to orcs and goblins. The quest need you go to the Oger King trone and talk to the King while all ogres at the way are KoS and the King itself too is KoS. Fun times when I played orc shaman at beta...

A good way to be friendly to orcs and goblins NPC is make work orders at Tawar Galan. Each order give 10 points of faction to the Martok clan and Martok Port.

Gergor Bedstone
dwarf, Florendyl
DwarvenHolt Guild
cleric 18 / armorsmith 26

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Oh no! Well will you make me feel a bit less rich I can tell that a house may still be possible.

What a great comment! I think this is one of the best I have ever gotten. ;)

That sounds like a great quest. Perhaps someday I will go to that orc island again but for now I'm heading off to New Targonor to find my riches. Thanks for the comment.

Jaye said...

Congrats on your first (3) gold! I got up to one gold once, but most of the time I'm hovering around 50 silver, sadly.

LOVE the screenshots by the way! (I'm a screenshot junkie)

Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat said...

Thank you very much for the comment Jaye you are an inspiration. ^^