Thursday, March 8, 2007

Switching to Vanguard

It's so sad when you have to leave an MMO and leave your friends behind. It's something we have all have to do and it affects us all in someway or another. I wish I could just keep the same group of people to play MMOs with but there is always going to be one thing or another that makes me go out and seek new lands and new adventures.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm saying goodbye to Lineage 2. I know... how sad! It just kind of dawned on me while I was hunting in the beast farm and thinking about Lineage 2 and Vanguard. While I play Lineage 2 I feel like I'm playing in a box... and that box isn't a bad one. I meen, it's fun. I have had plenty of fun playing Lineage 2. But where was it going? I really had no goal in Lineage 2 and I realised that I didn't even like PvP all that much. And PvP is the main focus of the game!

Vanguard. It's such a hard game to describe. For now I'm still going to withhold judgment.

The trees are really cool in vanguard. They feel like real trees. A strange thing to say, but they just feel more "real".

At the top of my native town of Halgarad there is a altar.
These spiders are pretty scary. O.o

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